Monday, 14 January 2013


UPDATE:  29 March 2013 -- At long last the government made plans to replace the Border Agency. Whether it will be an improvement needs to be seen. It took too long to make this decision and too much taxpayers' money had been wasted. The best thing would to return it to a state control.  Surely it must be cheaper and hopefully more efficient.

With all due respect and sympathy most of the private companies taking over from a government department have sooner or later a scandal.

Dr Reid the Home Secretary at that time stated already in 2006 that the Immigration and Nationality Directory which then changed over to the United Kingdom Border Agency was not good enough.

It clearly showed a complete failure. Today after six years it is completely out of control of our borders. The Home Affairs Select Committee found that the UK Border Agency has a case-loads comparatively to the population of Iceland.  This is a more than a shocking situation. It doesn’t even give the basic of competence. To put it into a figure it would be around 300,000 cases still to be dealt with.

Furthermore, the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration stated the UKBA has no idea how many illegal immigrants had gone through the net and entered Britain.

The UKBA have only one choice. To let legal people enter Britain and stop illegal immigrants. Yet it can’t even cope with that. Now comes to the point that when the backlog hasn’t cleared by 31 December it will be forced to damp around 80,000 files. Now if that is not lunacy and no politics at all what is?  They might just as well open the borders and save the money paid to the UKBA.

There are now around 3milion immigrants in the UK admittedly such an influx must be a hard job to deal with but immigration is not going to slow down. It has to be dealt with efficiently and that is only by the UKBA st the moment.  Next year the EU opens its borders of Romania and Bulgaria which has about 29million people altogether. Most of them will come to Britain because the word is out that benefits are easier to get here.

Maybe the UKBA should cut its great numbers of directors and employ more workers.


  1. Lunatics running the asylum. Literally!

  2. Heaven help us when the Romanians and Bulgarians arrive in their hundreds of thousands. I lived in another country who opened the doors to them 10 years ago and you think things are bad now? Just wait. Thank God I have options and will long gone by then.

  3. Thank you, Unknown, for your visit and compliment on my blog. I fully agree with you with every word. There are already organised Romanian Gypsy gangs working on the street in London which have been rounded up several times. I know it will be worse. No disrespect to the Romanians but that is how they are.