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MAXIMUS = ATOS ANOTHER FAILED CONTRACTOR -- 700,000 BACKLOG -- Updated 15 August, 2017

Updated 15 August, 2017 - Who is just a guilty about that mess is Theresa May who was Home Secretary at the time. How could she let it run up to 700,000 applications and not being dealt with. What happened to it?  All the time people did not get any money and some died of starvation or committed suicide while she calmly sat back, playing the Home Secretary !!

UPDATED 20 June,2015
PM Cameron should have cancelled altogether and continuing paying the benefits instead of wasting taxpayers' money contracting US Maximus. How much did Maximus cost?

Maximus was already in court in the USA for fraud and ill-treating disabled people. It seems that the USA has more principles in this respect. Atos was never pulled into court for causing suicide and death for starvation because their benefit was withdrawn. The very fact of 700,000 backlog is evidence enough for the con.

UPDATE: 20 November, 2014 -- Now after all this time and endless hurt and suicides,  the Government is cancelling ATOS contract by the end of this year. However, it engaged already a new company from America called Maximus. 

After spending £1billion on the contract of ATOS they now walk out leaving 700,000 backlog; in other words they did nothing but shoddy work and disabled people had to suffer. According to the reports the company Maximus has a bad record in America on disability discrimination and fraud. Why is the Government engaging a company like that with such an reputation? What happen to the 700,000 backlog? What happen to the people who received no money as part of the backlog? They can not live on fresh air but apparently it is of no concern to the government.

Is there any of PM David Cameron’s contractors which delivered a full and correct service?  They either have a backlog or fiddled the books to achieve the Government’s target.  All the Coalition reforms and contractors have ended in the most diabolical results better called mess.  Costing the taxpayers billions of pounds so far and more billions of pounds to put it right.  Margaret Thatcher and her Tory party devastating results are still felt today but David Cameron’s reign is even worse. If they have another term after the next General Election in 2015 it means Goodbye Britain. The country and its people do not deserve that.

ATOS hit the headline again and this time in spite of all their ruthlessness towards benefit dependent people they achieved a backlog of over 700,000 which even the Government can not ignore it any longer.  Again the major blame lies with the Tory-led Government. They must have had complains for a long time to reach 712,000 people waiting for their medical assessment.  This is a scandal which has no excuse and they can not blame the Labour any longer but as always when they are really up to having to admit it is their fault David Cameron stays silence. Or is it done purposely to avoid payment?

Beside at least 1,000 people either committed suicide or died of their illnesses escalated by their benefits cuts and they worried themselves to death. Something of which the Coalition would not know anything about it, Money worries.

The Tory's Work and Pensions Minister Mike Penning had the decency to admit: “I don’t think Atos had the capacity to do what was asked,” he told the Common Work and Pension select committee. He should have gone a step further when one scandal broke after another to admit that ATOS never had the capacity. They are just there to cream off and again from the taxpayers’ money for some unknown reason but can guess David Cameron and his Government turned a blind eye to it. There were too many reports of ATOS’ failure and being absolute so cruel that disabled people committed suicide. At no time could have David Cameron, his advisers and Cabinet not be aware of what is going on in ATOS and is still going on.

With ATOS on one side and the Department of Work and Pensions’ reform on the other which is another total failure it is no wonder that 11 million people live in poverty and food banks are multi-plying by the number.

It took just four years for the Tories to run the country into the ground again, just like the previous Tory government but even worse. Previously the Tory government ended with five million unemployed but did not sink that low that people had to go to food banks or food banks had to be established.

It took just four years for the Tories to make the rich super rich at the same time as grinding the public into the ground. According to the Telegraph newspaper the list of the rich are the biggest in Europe.  Well David Cameron can be proud of that.

Now Mr Penning revealed that the French Company ATOS’s contract would be cancelled next year. Again a failure of the Government for not to cancel it immediately.  Any employer who creates a mess would be sacked straight away. Any company in the private sector which creates such a backlog would have gone bankrupt long time ago.

Mr Penning announced as a consolation price that ATOS had been fined several times and will pay back a substantial sum.  However, knowing the Tories my suspicious mind can not help but doubt it and it is not an anti-Tory opinion but there had been anything but promises which were never fulfilled.

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