Monday, 23 July 2012


UPDATED:  8 June, 2015 -- it is still  the same situation and yet the Tories were voted in again and even with a small majority. It does not make sense.  The FTSE is falling ever since therefore th economy has not improved as promised.

UPDATE: 11 Dec., 2013 -- The news came through, Mr Cameron agreed to pay another £10billion every year into the bottomless coffer of the EU because they are financially broke. Never mind about the broken UK economy and the poverty stricken British people who have to make a choice between buying food or heating their home. More money for the MEP who  use taxis to get from one city in Europe to the other right across. Who have higher salaries than the UK MP and more expense fiddles. Again the account was not signed and approved for 2012 because there was a discrepancy £95billion and went on for the tenth year. But gallant knight in shining armour has always money available for the EU, Foreign aid which never reaches the poor for which it is meant for and military conflicts. CAN ANYONE STILL BELIEVE ANY WORD HE SAID OR PROMISED?

There are nothing but unfulfilled pledges from the Prime Minister David Cameron.

This time the pledge was that he would keep the EU cost down.  He did nothing of the sorts and now the UK Taxpayers have to pay out £350million next year. This is an enormous amount for one country alone.

The facts are there will be an overall rise of 2.8 per cent in spending. This will mean that the amount the EU costs the countries is £108.7bilion. This is an incredible amount of money for the administration of the European Union. It is unbelievable that such vast amount of money has to be spending on it. There must be something more than meets the eye. It is well know that the EU members are living in top quality champagne, luxurious lunches and taxi rides no matter where. But surely it wouldn’t even add up to that amount.

Many of the Prime Minister's own Ministers of Parliament are livid that he could have missed and finally failed to cut the budget.

 Now there is where austerity should be applied and it would bring in more than cutting the benefits of pensioners, police or armed forces. Cutting Police and Armed Forces will only create unemployment which means social benefits’ payment. This is surely no saving.

A source remarked: “A Europe policy that this year sees an increase in EU spending is a sign of the Prime Minister’s weakness.”

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