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DESERTER RUPERT MURDOCH -- Updated 6 May, 2015

UPDATED; 6 May, 2015 --  Now the coast is clear again after the trial which announced Rebekah  Brooks and several others not guilty, Mr Murdoch is back again in the UK and campaigning for the Tories.  while he was in the USA he contemned and ridiculed the UK. 

It is not surprising that Rupert Murdoch is deserting the ship. From a start he ran straight away to the USA not wasting time. However, will he be safer there because the USA also has an investigation going regarding his phone hacking of which did not know anything about it?

He decided now to resign as a director of the companies publishing The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times.

It is surprising that he was able to buy The Times and The Sunday Times since it is the flagship of the Elite or is it because it is?

It is thought that he will sell the titles and with that he is able to pull head out of the sling. Again a typical case of big boys slipping away. After all the harm that man had done to the public. Sorry, he did not know.

Labour’s Tom Watson said: “It’s hard not to draw the conclusion that Mr Murdoch is deserting his loyal staffs that is left to clean up the ruins after the wrong doing that has been exposed.”

The MP added that Mr Murdoch’s ex-colleagues will see it as a betrayal and so does everybody else.

Admittedly it should not been done but to bring the latest news the pressure was there for them to do it. Over that length of time the phone hacking had been done, surely some of the top must have been aware.

Now we come to the other side of the pond. Mr Murdoch also resigned his directorships at News International, Times Newspaper Holdings and News Corp Investments.

Does that mean, in USA Law, he also pulled his head out the rope there? Or has the USA a better Law than the United Kingdom?

They call it “house cleaning” and it is expected that News Corp splits into two.  Mr Murdoch kept his chairmanship at the News Corp. It certainly does look like Mr Murdoch with his manoeuvres got away. A fox could learn a few tricks there.

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