Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Apart from murderers the rest of the criminals hardly get any punishment anyway and prisons are almost luxury hotels. Even murderers get only 15 or 20 years and if they behave themselves their sentences is reduced. When they do get life it still doesn’t mean life any more.

Now, on top of all this, the High Court ruled their strict parole terms preaches human rights. Do these judges ever think about the victims?  How about their human rights? These are criminal who killed or raped and the judges feel their human rights are breached. The moment they committed a crime they lost their human rights. That is how it should be.

Senior judges disputing the facts that criminal who were sentenced to 15 years or more have to fight harder to get earlier release than those who were sentenced with life or indeterminate sentences. To be quite honest none of them should have their sentence reduced if they committed the crime and were sentenced accordingly.

The judgement issued on Friday, July 27, 2012 agreed to an appeal by an arsonist. If she wins it will open the gate for murderers and sex offenders.

Mr Justice Treacy stated it would discriminate the Human Rights Convention.  Apparently the Judge had not had a personal experience. If his loved ones would have been murdered, mostly savagely, or raped would he still think so? It is the victims of rape or the relatives of murder who have a life sentence to live with. Yet, the criminal mostly have no conscious to live with and many do the same again.

Ukip home affairs spokesman Gerard Batten demanded an assessment of the danger posed to the public. A very good idea but these criminals know what they are up against and play accordingly because all they want is to be free.

Mr Batten added further: “What we see here is the rule of lawyers not the rule of the law. It shows the judicial system is inadequate at protecting the public.”

Could it be again smoke screen made by the government to reduce their prison? Ken Clarke already trumpeted about the closure of one prison of 600. It seems that as long the books balance and never mind the public being killed or raped or burgled. As it is crime is already at a high record level.


This Government broken as many promises as it put out.

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