Monday, 30 July 2012


Update 31 March, 2017
Although the Prime Minister  change, Cameron resigned and Theresa May took over, the planned Disability Benefit cut of £30 a week came in force on 1 April, 2017. It means disabled people now receive £73 a week instead of £103 a week. It will have a devastating impact and suicides, starvation, homelessness will be the result. How can she do this to already hard-up people? 

Update - It still goes on. Carers for the very disabled people the benefit payments were cut. 2015 benefits for disabled cars were withdrawn. Disabled people were sent to Paraolympic in Rio but at home their cars were withdrawn.

So far the new Tory Prime Minister Theresa May has not changed these Welfare cuts on contrary the pensions and their benefits will now be cut.

The latest is now to cut the benefit for the sick and disabled people. This is the worst this Government can do.

There was a leak that doctors were advised to find seven out of eight disabled benefits claimants and stop it.
The idea behind the plan of the Coalition is to force people back into work. The government seems to forget or overlook that there is already a great shortage of jobs otherwise there would not be 2.5million unemployed.

For sick and disabled people it is twice as hard to get a job and now during the recession it is impossible.
Now comes the biggest cockeyed idea ever seen coming from the Government. They had the nerve to pay a French firm Atos £100million A YEAR for the testing. If it wasn’t so diabolically it would look like a joke.

If that doesn't stink to high heaven nothing will. To cut the benefit for disabled people and spend £100million not only an English company which might give more jobs but on a French company. Again David Cameron gives away money which would benefit the people.

Dr Big stated that he was told only one in eight should be so disabled that it is be recognized the person will never work again. When the Depart of Works and Pension was confronted with this statement they denied it and so did Atos.

Work minister Chris Grayling told the MPs that there is no target for decision makers.

Labour MP Tom Greatrex said on Thursday: “The Government had been caught red-handed.” He called for a National Audit Office investigation.

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