Saturday, 21 July 2012


A company has received £330,000 money from taxpayers to wake-up young jobless with morning phone calls. It is part of 'Youth Contract programme Neets' which is for teens not in education, employment or training. This is provided by Pertemps People Development Group located in the North East.

A spokesman Paul King said: “In some cases we have kids who would literally be in bed all day. That is the reality. A call that physically wakes them up is part of getting into a routine.” Basically it is a good idea but they don’t seem do realize that there aren’t any jobs especially for youngsters.

Deputy .Prime Minister Nick Clegg says he wants companies hired to get young people in work to be “creative”. Again great sounding words but companies don’t work like that any more. They employ you if you have either the qualifications and then they turn you down if you don’t have the practically experiences. They employ you if you have the practically experiences and picked up somewhere the technically knowledge up.

In the olden days they took you on for a certain time and if you can pick up the knowledge of the work fine and good but now the companies don’t do this any more. You should have used that money to create jobs. 

Don’t you know there are 2.5 millions unemployed including one million youngster can't get a job? 


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