Thursday, 19 July 2012


Now May does the same - all promises in GE2017, elected  and dropped them in Queen's Speech.

Looking back over the years nothing has changed. He still promises and does not keep it.

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron visited the troops in the Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He gave the troops a promise that seriously injured armed forces will be paid £130 a week for life. They will also get any further vital support for their injuries.

This would means for injured personnel to get top-of-the-range prosthetic limbs free on the NHS.

They will go straight to the front of the queues at hospitals.

Jobcentres will give unemployed people help to find work which fits the particularly injured person.

IVF for partner of servicemen who have suffered groin injuries.

Mr Cameron said: “The military covenant is all about the country saying to our armed forces we respect and revere you and we are going to do more for you.

“We are saying that with disability benefits the military will have a special set of circumstances so they get a special deal.

“It is one of the many ways we should respect our armed services for what they do for us.”

Brave and glorious sounding words as always Mr Cameron delivers but he is also known and too many times to promise and not deliver. Another thought comes to mind that the Government announced this month to make 20,000 regular soldiers and 17 major units redundant by 2020.

The Government will change the benefit system and a new one called Personal Independence Payment for all working-age people with serious disabilities. Under the new scheme any previous claimant will be re-examined and many their cash will be stopped.

The troops will not be re-examined and therefore face no humiliation or cash stopped.

Troop welfare campaigner Col Richard Kemp, ex-commander of UK forces in Afghanistan, said: “I welcome any move that offers added support to the brave men and women injured serving their country.”

Mr Cameron defended the plans for Army cuts, saying: “I think it’s in everybody’s interest to have a defence budget that really adds up.”  Ahhh such wise words. The defence budget would add up even more if they never entered the Afghanistan war or Iraq. Mr Cameron and his cabinet would have the biggest shock in their lives how much money they would have in the defence budget.

A fine example is Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Letwin’s suggestion to bring the remaining 9,000 troops home next year and that alone would save £3billion.

At the same time Mr Cameron spoke in Helmand he also said that the troops would remain till 2014. Again he saving on his own people instead of caring about other countries.

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