Wednesday, 18 July 2012


PM Theresa May
Update 3 April, 2017
It was written in 2012 and Tories won GE2015 which is still suspicious. Cameron resigned in 2016 when the Public voted for Brexit and Theresa May became Prime Minister. Principles have not changed and Tories still fiddle, NHS, schools etc, and telling lies, Trident, unemployment.

Since they would not get the House of Lords Reform through in 2012 and as a paper called it the Byzantine chaos, they now try to fiddle the Parliamentary seats.

This makeover is purely for the sake of staying in power and it is, so we are told, against the constitution. 

The plan is to get rid of 50 Parliamentary seats and surprise, surprise, mostly Labour.  It doesn’t look like democracy anymore and we can’t help but getting suspicious of sailing into a dictatorship.

The government has decided to redraw new boundaries. Of course, it will be all to the Conservatives’ advantage and they will gain 20 seats. Although David Cameron, the other day, stated that he will drop this plan but over the two years he is in power he states one thing and does the other. It is so much so that the press are calling him constantly Dodgy Dave which is a disgrace for anyone to be called that and especially for a Prime Minister.

The Lib Dem Party which is part of the Coalition is threatening to oppose this act.  They see it as the retaliation for the failure of the House of Lord reform.

If they manage to get the boundaries changed and get 20 more seats it will certainly be decisive at the next general election.

If they win the next election and they seem to work towards it to make sure they do; they will take all the benefits off pensioners if not before. The NHS will be broken up and privatised. More cuts and more unemployment and recession will deepen. But the bankers and City boys will get their high salaries, shares and bonuses even if everything goes bankrupt. No cut-backs or austerity there. Furthermore, the monies will all in tax-free bank accounts and Britain losing the biggest slice of tax. 


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