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NHS TRUST BROKE -- Update: 14 June, 2015

UPDATE: 14 June, 2015 --  
At the General Election campaign David Cameron promised to put in £8billions. 

The newly elected Prime Minister and his Tory Party have not shown any sign or effort to keep his promise even so the NHS is on the verge of collapse. 

Only the very dedicated nurses and doctors keep it going. They admit that they work extra unpaid hours. Would the Prime Minister or his MPs do this? No they claim extra expenses and big sums. 

Since the investment of £8billion is of great urgency it would be expected to be his priority. Instead, the first thing was to put an anti-strike law, fracking and without the people consent, snooping laws through as fast as posible and itching to sign the TTIP which includes the NHS and would bring £800trillion alone never mind if the people can not afford private insurance.

That is the real face of the David Cameron and his Tories who conned the people into voting for him spreading smears and lies about the Labour Party which would have brought back the NHS to its former glory.

The conditions of the cash strapped NHS is getting very suspicious. There is always billions available when a bank is in trouble. Billions available for the Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya’s wars. Billions available for the IMF to bail out Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. There are never any squabbles about not any money available, recession and austerity but comes to the NHS the doors close instantly.

There is now a new report about the critical conditions of the cash-strapped health service and had to be put into administration.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley stated that South London Healthcare NHS Trust was losing a £1million a week and was taken into the Department of Health. This Trust includes Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup, Kent, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich and Princess Royal University Hospital in Bromley.

There are some points to be disputed. One is the promise at the general election that the NHS is safe with us, meaning Conservative Party. Second, there was a report out the other day that over a £1Billion should be paid into the NHS and it is withheld.  Third, to sack doctors and nurses and then hiring Agency staff is financial suicide. Agencies charge twice as much. Surely Mr Lansley is aware of that if not he should be. Another point and this is the main point what happen to the huge sums of money paid to the National Insurance? People paid National Insurance all their lives and they deserve a National Health Service.

A suspicious mind thinks that this is all done on purpose. In order to break the NHS back and to move it along to be privatise. It is so obvious that the government is bent over backward to see it through.
Last year Chancellor George Osborne allowed £70billion to be poured into the banks under the ‘Merlin’ scheme. It didn’t work because the banks were reluctant to lend money and the consumers and companies to take on more debts. Nobody knows where that money went. No account given. Mostly properly it was used to pay these incredible salaries and bonuses.

Now again the Bank of England issued another £80billion to encourage consumers and companies to take a loan and to improve the economy. It is a good idea but if the order books are half empty hardly any company would saddle themselves with further debts. As for the consumers they hardly can pay their present way. So most properly it goes the same way.

These are huge sums all spend wrongly. The Prime Minister David Cameron will not intervene in spite of having one scandal after another. The public is pressuring to make Mr Cameron to stop these bonuses, sky-high wages, wasting money on wars which have nothing to do with Britain and bail-outs for countries in the EU.  Yet, no matter how much the demand is the Prime Minister sits back and does nothing.
All these sums should be spend on Britain and the NHS.

Apparently there are 22 more hospital earmarked for putting into administration. The administrator being sent from Mr Lansley could and would find out all the ins and outs of the hospital which makes it easier to be privatised. After all the Government is determined to privatise the NHS and of course Mr Lansley will do his best.

If privatised if will be like in America that the insurance are sky-high and many people can’t afford it. Mentioning Insurance something just crossed my mind that it would increase the insurance income tremendously and with the Fat Cats having share in every thing and every way they would be getting another load. Is that the root of the government determination to privatise?

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