Saturday, 14 July 2012


The Members of Parliament (MPs) have even a longer holiday than the Queen. They are now on break till the 3 September. Then they come back for two weeks and go on a party conference season which will last till 15 October. Admittedly many work at home in their constituency

Not to mention about the special long break for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The House of Commons will sit only for 151 days this year. This will be down from the previous year of 157. David Cameron sends MPs even one day earlier this year and it is assumed that he tried to avoid a revolt.

To rub salt into the wounds Home Secretary Theresa May told the public to stop moaning and work harder after this government produced a double-dip recession. Coming from her is even worse after all the plunders she made and still keeps her job.

William Hague also joined the insulting remarks by repeating Norman Tebbit’s infamous advice to the jobless “Get on their bikes.” In other words he told the jobless people to tour the globe. You couldn’t get more insulting, could you? Of course, somebody sitting all their life in a fat pot they wouldn’t know what it means not having a job or money.

The Foreign Secretary added further “It’s getting on a plane, go and sell overseas, go and study overseas. It is much more than getting on a bike. A bike won’t get that far. There is only one growth strategy – work hard.”

The Community Secretary Eric Pickles said: “Government can’t create growth, only the condition for growth. We are only to do this if we all work harder.”

Referring to this last ‘advice’ the government knows how to cut and reduced growth. Therefore it must know, or should know, how to create it.

Furthermore to the useless advice from William Hague; he should know because he was selling weapons to Argentina till April and only stopped because Argentina threatened to take the oil companies to court if they start drilling in the Falklands. To get on a plane takes money. To sell successfully abroad you have to have good contacts and with every country in the recession nobody wants to know about buying from abroad.

With all due respect but when you are in the government and represent the people which are from a different class and life you should know what’s it all about before you give advice. All these pathetic remarks and shallow advices people can do without. It also doesn’t show a great leadership of the government.

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