Thursday, 12 July 2012


UPDATE:  14 June, 2015 --
As if that was not enough wasted money of hard-up taxpayers; David Cameron started a Better Care reform and wasted even more money -- £2billion taken out of the NHS 


UPDATE:  20 April, 2014  -- Looking back at another report which brings back incredible ideas and measures of the Conservative Party.  Mr Lansley wasted £7million while being a Health Secretary.  A huge amount of money for ordinary people which could have prevented quite a lot of hardship.

All these previous months the governments’ reforms or cuts were all already far beyond belief but this really goes way past it.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley had this diabolical idea to introduce ‘PAY AS YOU DIE’ scheme. It would mean that the elderly would take out a high interest rate loans for their care home. This sum would be retrieved from their estate when they die. The very fact that it is a high interest rate loan would have doubled and trebled the amount.  The scheme is really the last thing anyone can think up.

As it is Old Age Pensioners are losing their home for which they scraped and saved all their lives to pay for care homes. They were so proud to be able to give their children something.  This new scheme is even worse because it adds high interest rates to it. How can anybody be so evil?

The winners of all these schemes are the people who lived in council houses all their lives getting paid the rent by the government. The decent folk who tried to better themselves and bought their home get it taken away or is it stealing?

This is really the last thing any one can do to an elderly person. Not to mention the conditions and scandals people hear all the time about these care homes.  How they get treated there and for an estimated amount of £100.000.

Chancellor Osborne was accused of delaying to cap it. It was revealed that he refused several times to put in the annual cost of £1.7billion.

Economist Andrew Dilnot stated that the figure would not be above £700million. He added further that this would be far less than the thousandth of public spending.

Andrews Lansley political career has definitely something to be looked at. Since he puts the National Health Service up for sale and could not care less about the welfare of the patients he now fails the elderly and tries to squeeze every penny out of them. His political record shows a careless and shameful strategy. Yet, the Prime Minister is closing his eyes and lets it roll on until everything it ruined for the people but not for the Elite..

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