Tuesday, 21 August 2012


We only hear or read now and then about these scandalous wastes of money while the rest of Europe suffers under cut-backs.  These are only few examples of a great list if cone right through the EU’s budget.

It had been stated in previous years that the EU’s budget is irrational, overly complex (most properly to hide several waste or money) and hopelessly out of date. This statement raises the question what are the MEPs really doing?  Even Ken Clarke said once that to get legislation through the European Parliament it takes years. They are more concerned with commas being in the right spot as to work on the new legislation and put it through. It took over ten years to bring a law against battery hens and then there were loopholes. Yet, when MPs are calling for pulling out of EU; the rest of the MPs are up in arms. The very contribution just from the UK is sky high and far too much.

Now these are just a few examples of the brainless ideas which cost taxpayer’s money.

411,000 Euros paid to a Hungarian IT company to improve the lifestyle and living standard of dogs. It includes a hydrotherapy system to improve dog’s well-being. The last we heard off was that that the centre was not built and the company was under an enquiry.

5.25million Euros paid to a limousine company to chauffeur MEPS around Strasbourg. The company ensured absolute discretion. Well that alone tells tales.

5million Euros bought MEPs in Luxembourg an exclusive restaurant with Scotland Highland dancing and wine-tasting (not from supermarkets) in a “culture club”.

16,000Euros was paid to Austria Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the reason give will set you screaming. It was for Tyrolean farmers’ “emotional connection with landscapes.”  Tyrolean farmers could be more connected with their homeland. These papers must have been signed after the wine-tasting.

900,000 Euros from the European Regional Development Fund was paid for a golf park and “wellness hotel” in Germany. It was surprising that at the hotel Angela Merkel was a guest. Furthermore, and that will set you screaming again. A most strange idea was to build a “virtual language pool” which is to inspire EU citizens to learn new languages using swimming.

6.4milllion Euros given to Andalucia to promote what EU funds have done for the region.
It is not only heartbreaking to read these crackpot ideas but it is also insulting how they use the taxpayers’ money.

It is definitely high time that a referendum is allowed to be taken. David Cameron and his cabinet are shying away every time it is mentioned and most properly they know that British people are not for being part of the EU at all because of taking over power by Brussels and especially if you read how their money wasted on worst ideas anyone could think up.

Admittedly it was a good idea to start with but with most of these ideal idea it gets into the politicians' hands and there is nothing but mismanagement like in the EU. This mismanagement exists from the start. There wine lakes, butter and flour mountains and milk lakes. The regulations they did put through were just as contradicting. For instance the regulation for the fishing industry. Once the fishermen have their quota they have to throw overboard tonnes of dead fish which is nothing but waste. The Court for Human Rights, another good idea, but it is always working to improve the prisoners already luxurious lifestyle or rewarding criminals instead of victims.

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