Monday, 20 August 2012


UPDATED: 6 June,2015 -- Looking back at the diabolical record of Mr Gove one question remains:  Where did the money go? 

They still managed to end up with an added £500billion debts. Yet, they still blame the Labour party which had never created so much National debts in all their years, in government put together, as the Tories in five years. 

Nothing has change by re-electing the Tories. Even worse, they are now in full power not needing a coalition. They are now cutting the Welfare benefit by £12billion to balance the books. It is another con like Austerity

To start with the very fact of selling school playing fields is a disgrace. We just had watched the Olympics which shou muchld have been an encouragement to school sport because it is there were the athletes coming from. 

Furthermore, the Coalition again promised to increase school PE to two hours a week which is appreciated but not all that great. Again that promise was not fulfilled.

Now it emerged that the Coalition selling off school playing fields. It was revealed 31 school playing fields had been approved since 2010. It also came to light that at first the figure was quoted 21. The Coalition ministers had to admit at the end that they approved 10 more school playing fields when it was discovered.

 Ministers were also accused of double dealing because another promise which was given at the election “seeks to protect school playing field.”

The 31 school playing fields application for selling them off were submitted from May 2010 till July 22, 2012. Mr Gove, the Education Secretary overruled personally any independent advice not to approve the sale of the school pitches five times in the last 15 months. It proves the care, concern and stand-by their promise made by the Coalition.

DfE admits now that 2,000 academy schools can sell off fields without approval.

Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg told Mr Grove he has to come clean about the “secret programme” to sell off playing fields. Mr Twigg pointed out that fields used by academy student should have the same protection as other schools.

It was further revealed that the Coalition changed their minds of demanding at least two hours PE a week in state school. To look at it in a realistic way even two hours is not a great deal and target to get children back into sport. They should have every afternoon one hour.

It amounts again to the same story “them and us” whereby surely no playing field will be sold belonging to top schools like Eton, Harrods, Cambridge University or Oxford Universities. The main reason for making this point is that the athletes do not come from these schools but from state schools. Therefore it should be a priority to improve and increase these facilities. As it is children can’t play on the streets any more and are too much in front of TV and computers.

So far the public had nothing but broken promises from the Coalition.

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