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UK's MPs INSULTED WORKERS -- Updated: 6 June,2015

UPDATED: 6 June, 2015 -- The Tories had been re-elected despite their terrible track records and as a majority, only 12 seats. Now they have the full power and it most probably will be worse. Already plans for anti-strikes laws, selling the Royal Mail's properties, cutting Welfare by £12billion, Public servicing by £16billion, introducing fracking and the most probably sold off like British Petroleum to foreign bidders and so on.

It most probably be worse now since they have the full power and wore will come to the public. The Elite will increase by numbers and wealth.

Again MPs  pointed the fingers at unemployed people stating too many people prefer to stay in bed rather than get a job. On which planet are these MPs living?

The Tory-led Coalition for ever cutting work forces and there is a 2.5million unemployment. Admittedly there is always a certain number of unemployable but not all of the 2.5million.

Furthermore, to compare British workers with Asia is not very clever because it is a complete different way of life and working there.

The only good thing might come out of these offensive and inaccurate accusations are that the pressure might bring David Cameron away from playing computer games as it was revealed and make him kick-start the economy.

Apparently the root of all these talks lays with Lord Mayor of London Boris Johnson. He advised David Cameron to stop “pussyfooting around” and bring a big infrastructure projects, de-regulation and tax cuts.
 This advice makes sense, does it?.

They further accused Labour and yet Labour had about 1.5million at the time of the credit crunch where really the bottom fell out of the economy but by the time the Coalition took over Mr Brown got the GDB up to 1 per cent which quickly sank and by now has a double-dip recession with the mismanagement of the Coalition.

To cut constantly the Armed forced, Nurses and Civil servants while at the same time increasing taxes does not work in any economy.

Furthermore, David Cameron gave three or four major contracts to European Countries and therefore companies had to cut workforce. The Union was fighting hard to prevent it but the government in their arrogant way took no notice. 

The MPs should look at themselves when they call the British workers the idlers of the world. They themselves don’t look over-worked and underpaid. Especially with adding more expenses which should not be added or don’t exists.  A 33 weeks a year working in Parliament is not exactly killing themselves for the country.

Have they got legislation through about regulating the banks again? NO.  They talk about it all the time of the high bonuses and David Cameron promised in his election manifesto, he promised March 2011, he promised for September 2011, he promised twice this year to get it through. Of course, he would not dare because they are all the boys who donate to the Conservative party and his friend who get invited to garden party in Downing Street.

Has David Cameron made any attempt to retrieve the taxes from £39trillion in tax havens? He himself talks about it but does nothing again because they are the boys who donate.

These are hypocritical standards by the Tory-led Coalition.  Yet, to call hard working Britons to be the idlers of the world is so ludicrous and if it were not so insulting and hurtful one could laugh. These people are going through hell and high water to keep going.  Something a MP would know nothing about it.  The unemployed are trying more than their best to get employment but if the government can't provide enough jobs what can the ordinary workers do? There are student coming out of Universities with a string of top qualification and they applying to every place they can think off but can't get a job. It is so bad that many don't bother any more to go to the University they don't see the point to get into debts and can't get employment.
Therefore it is no good pointing at Indian children aiming to be doctors or lawyers when the government cutting the NHS to pieces.

Get your facts right first before you open your mouth just to be noticed because that is really what you are after to further your career.

Instead of criticising the workers it would more appropriate if the Coalition would work harder to bring back economic grows. It can be done with job creation and not with austerity. 

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