Sunday, 19 August 2012


UPDATE;  10 October 2013  -- Now the biggest insult to Mr Assage comes from the very people who contemn him and make him live in an actual prison for his own safety; making a film of his life. They even ask him to meet the actor Benedict Cumberbatch who will play but Mr Assage refused. Very Wise.  Was it a ploy to get Julian Assage? It would not surprise any one.  

They still accusing Mr Assage and Mr Snowdon but the real accusation should be with the American Government. If they didn't do all wrong there would not be a Mr Assage or Mr Snowdon. These two men saw the wrong doings and could not just stand by and let it pass. The public should stand by them and contemn the government. 

UPDATE:  25 September 2013 -- People forget so easily due to all the new dramas that there is a man Julian Assange still living in hiding because he discovered some truth which the USA feared to come out. What must this man be going through for standing up to the politicians who nothing but twisting the truth to suit themselves? The politicians all over the world can't accept people are more knowledgeable and with persecuting Whistleblowers the politician destroying their credibility. At the moment the belief in and respect for politician is at its lowest.

Why do Britain and other European Countries always dance to the tune of the USA? This attitude got Britain into two unnecessary and illegal wars. Britain used to be a great empire but lost its colonies due time ran out for countries to be colonised. However, it doesn’t mean it is not a great country like all the others countries which lost their empires and colonies.

Therefore Britain and all the other European powerful countries need not to agree with the USA wishes and command.

Julian Assange and his team have opened our eyes to many secret deals and manoeuvre of the USA which did not go down well. Well that is their problem because they should have informed the public more openly and honestly. Especially since the USA always talks about Liberty and Freedom and even enforces it in other countries.

The extradition of Julian Assange for the accusation of rape in Sweden it is nothing but a drummed-up charge and surprisingly Sweden plays along. Again Sweden always gave the impression of freedom. Everybody knows that this rape case is nothing but a smokescreen to get Mr Assange there and from there it must be already agreed between Sweden and the USA to extradite Mr Assange to the USA.  Again why is Sweden getting involved and does as the USA wishes?

Yes, he did get hold of 'sensitive' material and published it but he real reason behind is that Washington tried keep certain dealings a secret and they feel embarrassed. Of course, they classify it as 'sensitive' when they want to hide the truth. Since when is it a crime to publish the truth? To punish it with long term prison or even death that would be a crime and so unjust. Is that what the USA stands for to hide the truth and when it comes out to punish it with prison or even death?

It is high time Britain and the rest of Europe realise that their countries are worth something and begin to be proud of it again. This would then be followed by not to dance to the tune of the USA or any other power but stand up, do what is right and follow your own path.

The USA does not very often oblige with demands coming from Britain and yet there is not half a hullabaloo as with getting Julian Assange extradited.

Speaking for the opinion of the general public hopefully Mr Assange will make it to freedom and Mr Manning. Respect to Ecuador to stand up to the "mighty" USA while all others hide under the table including Britain.

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