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UPDATE:  30 March, 2015 --  Did you know John Kerry was dishonourable dismissed from the Navy because he was in conduct with the Viet-Con at a time of the Vietnam war.  In America it is the worst thing to be dishonourable dismissed from the forces and almost impossible to find employment but here he is in a top job, US Secretary of States, lighting all the fuses he can find. 

UPDATE: 19 Sept., 2014  --  A new announcement by President Mr Obama was made that the congress agreed to support the "moderate" rebels in Syria. How does the US know  who is a moderate rebel and who is not? Is it not a double dealing and in  reality to fight Assad?  The US is willing to spend $500million supporting the "moderate" rebels. It is known that the IS was well on the ground already at the beginning of 2013 and cooperating with the Al-Qaeda. To me it looks like fighting the IS on the front and supplying it through the back door.  The same as before in 2013. President Assad is backed by Russia and China. Why aggravate the situation again? Let them sort themselves out.

UPDATE:  11 March 2014  --  A time to remember when we had the Syria crisis  --  will it be the same double dealing now with the Ukraine? John Kerry, Vice President of the USA, was pushing with all his power to ignite the flame in Syria quietly supplying weapon through the back-door and Britain was not far behind. Again he is in and out of the Ukraine and so is Foreign Minister of Britain William Hague who is non-the-better.

Is that a surprise; no, no surprise at all. After all the headlines the politicians gave out times and again. You could see they were itching for a long time to get involved and swore blindly all along they wouldn't. They would only supply advice and no military support. Why the hypocrisy in the first place when most of the public knew they would support Syria’s rebels eventually with weapon and most properly sooner or later with an army.

When will the West ever learn and stay out of other countries’ trouble? Will it have to take another world  war to drive message home more? Times to play the super power are over. It only leads again to more confrontation and money spent which supposed to be none and lives unnecessarily lost.



The Foreign Secretary William Hague announced a week ago that the UK is giving £5billion on top of the previously contribution but it is for advising the rebels only. Now this again sounds wrong because £5billion do not buy a Stinger missile. Surely the public would have no information at all but instead all these blatant lies.

According to the report CIA spies smuggled about 14 Stinger missiles into Syria. It enables the rebel fighter to defend themselves against air strikes.  These weapons had been smuggled through Turkey. It has also been claimed that Saudi Arabia paid partly for it.

President Bashar al-Assad uses MIG-23 warplanes and helicopter gunships. So far the West and Middle East were not able to establish a non-fly zone to stop Assad’s carnage on the ground.  It had been claimed so far 1,000 people were killed by Assad’s air force.

It is hoped that with supplying Stinger missiles it would give Assad a message to stop the air strikes.
So far during the 17 weeks civil war there were 20,000 people killed and most properly the same number if not more injured with some very badly and maimed for life.

Again we ask ourselves who are these rebel or freedom fighters? Like in Libya the West did not receive a great appreciation when they came into power. Many demands such as deporting the killer PC Fletcher and others who were involved in atrocities. The rebel fighters promised but when in power nothing was said or heard about it. The same as the desecration of the British soldiers graves. That was a nice thank you.
This will be the same scenario and therefore the question remains: “When will the West ever learn?”

Afghanistan soldiers being constantly shot by Afghan police. They don't get killed in combat but being murdered as a thank you.


With Israel thinking of attacking Iran and the USA already planning to send troops into Syria the world is not only playing with fire but dynamite. Don't they really not see that it could explode into WWIII? Make no mistake it is that serious.

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