Wednesday, 15 August 2012


UPDATE: 7 June, 2015 -- It will be cut again under the new £12billion cut on Welfare. 

It cost already a young man's life of 25, because after 12 months waiting for treatment he could
not cope any more. He committed suicide.  

To be sure he is not the only one but unless the family puts a report in the paper the public does not hear about how many killed themselves because they did not received a prompt treatment.

There was an epidemic of suicides, attacks and murder during Margaret Thatcher's time because she closed down Mental Hospitals regardless and told the staff to give the patience packets of prescribed drugs. Of course most of them never took it. They also ended up on the street; there was no arrangement made for them to go to. That was Thatcher, Cameron and May followed her.

This Coalition does nothing but cutting and always hitting the ordinary people. Yet their economy has already a double-dip recession and will have now another one in September. They will not admit that they are on the wrong path and change direction in spite of many high financiers were already advising them.

Another promise and again not fulfilled. At the general election the Conservatives promised to improve dementia care and treat it as seriously as physical care.

Two years into power being a Coalition the Health Secretary Andrews Lansley announced that there will be a cut on spending on mental health for the elderly.  Please take notice that it is again a cut on spending on the worst group of people. 

There was a reduction on the overall spending on adult mental health by £650,000 in year 2011. It was the first cut in a decade. However, the available cash for older people’s mental health had the biggest reduction. It fell by 3.1 per cent to £2.83billion in 2011-2012.

Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham criticised the coalition: “Ministers need to start putting their money where their mouth is. They must send urgently send the clearest signal that mental health is a spending priority.”

The Department of Health admitted it had to improve services. A pathetic statement after the very Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has cut the spending.

When Margaret Thatcher was in power she reduced the mental hospital and closed wards. Send the patients out with a prescription or a packet of tablets which most of them never took.  This move resulted in a lot of trouble on the streets such people being attacked by mental patients or patients committed suicide.

Then Mr Lansley even taken away their medications and treatments.


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