Tuesday, 14 August 2012


UPDATE: 17 May, 2016 --
Every turn a dirty trick.

The reason for David Cameron defending Foreign Aid was now revealed.

According to the report Foreign Aid is given to private firms for infrastructures in poorer countries.

These private companies are not paying any taxes and the City of London is completely in control and offers the service at a high price. In other words a lot of the money is flooding back which leaves these countries in great debts and is unrepayable.

A summit was held at 10 Downing Street last Sunday with PM David Cameron and other international leaders.  The meeting was about to tackle the growing malnutrition in the developing world.

At the moment there is great criticism about the hand-out of £12billion for foreign aids. The point they are making is that at the moment Britain has great financial problems and the government is cutting right across the board.  This created more than great hardship amongst families, pensioners and disabled people. Therefore a cut-back on foreign aids would also be justified and not an increase. 

It is not only that £12billion been given to counteract the malnutrition of the developing world it is that these monies have been given year after year and therefore there should be a sign of reduction.  The coalition should look a bit closer and not just send money.  These aids were given for decades since the 1950s and therefore there should be a much better living standard by now. No way was that money handed down to the needy.
Let’s just take the £12billion this year given only by Britain. At the end when all the other countries add their money it must be an enormous amount. This money then divided up and given to the various developing world countries is more than a substantial amount.  Then again exchanged into their money  it becomes huge but the cost of living in those countries are low and the labour therefore if it would have been handed over it would surely eliminate the struggle almost in one year.  Yet this has been going on year after year for decades.

The governments have a great responsibility when they spent the tax payers’ money to make sure it gets where it should go. Obviously looking still at malnutrition, illnesses, lack of schooling, running water it definitely hasn’t.  Therefore the Mr Cameron and all the other leaders should sit down with them and ask for proof of spending and explanations why it is malnutrition still exist to that extent.

Many of these developing countries have incredible political mismanagement and it is not a big guess where the aids’ money is really spent on.  Why then send more money every year?  Especially now when there is great hardship amongst people of Britain and will be increase when all the cut-backs bite.

It is a scandal that millions of people starving and the objection is not so much about not giving foreign aids. The objection is that it never or hardly reached those people while in this country people also having great hardship.  There were many facts coming out of Africa and Asia that the governments living an incredible luxurious lifestyle.  Or some countries are having a weapon supply which could put the whole western world in shame.  Or like India built a nuclear rocket while Britain couldn’t effort it and furthermore they called the £250,000 aids chicken feed. Surely £250,000 if passed on directly to the poor would have eliminated a lot of hunger and poverty. So what did they do with the money and why was again aids sent after that insult.  £250,000 exchanged into rupees would have bought a lot of bowls of rice.

All these points show really the root of why the foreign aids should be reduced for one thing and also to make sure it reaches the poor. 

If they would do this they would have to spent far less money and it would be really used for what it is for. 


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