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UPDATE   22 March, 2016
The NHS is near bankruptcy due to the Tory Government. Cameron promised to inject £8billion a year, in the last General Election in May. It is obvious it was another lie.

UPDATE: 20 November, 2014 - This was written in August 2012 and now the NHS is worse than ever. The same Foreign Aids have gone out ever since or maybe even more. It is obvious the Government wants to privatise the NHS yet they deny it again. Nothing but lies and at the same time the people losing their beloved NHS.

By all means have your own opinion and a politics which you think it is right but don’t switch and change as you go along.
David Cameron was on radio on Wednesday and told nothing but blatant lies.  He was questioned by a cancer sufferer who didn’t reveal her name. She claims she can’t get the right treatment on the NHS but has to find £250,000 to get it in Germany. The Health Department stated later on she should be covered by it. Whether it stands up or not is not the point debated here.
The point we are shocked about is that David Cameron stated clearly that extra drugs were made available and then he added the NHS spending is rising. How can you make a statement like that on radio when everybody knows that the NHS being already hard up and was further cut down to the bone and 4,000 staff made redundant. There is nowhere he can hide behind he didn’t know and to tell a blatant lie like that it a disgrace.
Furthermore the LBC host Nick Ferrari challenged David Cameron with pointing out that many Britain can not afford to heat their homes and yet the government not only spent £9billion on aids last year but increased it by £3billion. The PM replied: “One thing we’ve done over the last couple of years is invest in vaccines and immunisation for children in the poorest countries. That probably saved the lives of about three million children.”  That is one fact, if it is, to be recognised and admired but will it add up to £12billion and this is from one country alone.  All these governments should open their eyes and have a real look what is really going in these countries and where the Foreign Aid really goes.
The PM has even angered many of his Tory ministers. Ex-diplomats pointed out the 0.7 per cent target of aids irresponsible. These diplomats were in the countries and saw what happened with the money.
Last year Ethiopia received £324million;

India 268million which had the nerve to call it a chicken feed yet surely none of the money was handed to the very needy;

Pakistan £215million which claimed they turn a blind eye to the Taliban;

Bangladesh £202million; 

Nigeria £17million aid given to Nigeria one only can gasp with amazement;

Afghanistan £53million and they shooting Britain’s soldiers; 

Congo £142million; 

Tanzania £141million;

Somalia £102million no wonder the pirates have the best of weapons and boats. It is unbelievable and unforgivable the UN sends aids to this country;

Kenya £94million.
These aids had been sent to the third world countries since the 1950s and should have shown a more than reasonable improvement. Since they are still in the same poverty except the top surely proves the money is not going where it should go. It is bad enough that the people today get deprived in the countries which sends it since there is everywhere a great recession but to stuff more money into fat cats pockets is irresponsible.
As that cancer sufferer very aptly stated: “I would say to him if your family is starving you wouldn’t go and feed your neighbours” and that really wraps it up.

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