Tuesday, 18 September 2012


It is beautiful animals like which are now in great danger of extinction. The poachers and hunters are only a few but still the general public ask how can you a beautiful animal like that? However, they will not give up until the last one of any species is killed.  What will they do then?

Alarming news on one in five animals facing extinction. Experts warned that a global crisis on extinction is rapidly increasing. It is thought that 50 species heading for obliteration each year. This is an incredible revelation and in spite of the press making people aware of it.

The terrible danger of losing the Mountain gorilla and the Bengal tiger is very often published but there are millions and literally million of other species in danger of disappearing and nothing is said or done about it.

The millions of species disappearance is not exaggerated when there 11,000 vertebrates already in danger of extinction. Not much is written about it and they are a very necessary link in Nature’s chain as a whole.



Expert’s belief of all the 30 million species on earth six million are under thread of losing their battle for survival.  The only good news is that through conservation loosing this great number of species is cut back by 20 per cent. This fact shouldn't make complacent and carry on. We should do our utmost to keep the species alive and well.

There are 64 species which have been saved from extinction and one of them is California condor, black-footed ferret in the United States and Pzrewalski’s horse in Mongolia. They were all extinct in the wild but was now re-introduced successfully

The conservationists are aware they have to increase their effort to counteract the increasing threat..
When you read all this it makes us wonder what is mankind thinking and doing to make such high number of species disappear? It is also shocking that the decline is not over centuries but just in the last 100 years. 

These animals were on earth not tenths of thousands of years but millions of years and considering this fact it is even more shocking.

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