Monday, 10 September 2012


There seem to be a new disgusting trade growing in finding grave of German soldiers and digging them up to steal weaponry, Nazi memorabilia such as badges, medals, boots, and paperwork if it is still preserved.
In the Caucasus where 150,000 German soldiers were buried Russian people going over the ground with metal detectors. There is sandy soil and therefore they most of if not deteriorated.  

The area between Berlin and Poland is covered with graves of Germans and Russians. There was heavy fighting in the last days by the Red army pushing through to Berlin to capture the capital. British armed forces charities have announced their helplessness and disgust of finding groups digging up graves to supply the multi-million pound industry in Nazi memorabilia. They stated that the human remains which were dug up were either buried in mass graves, scattered (which is more likely) or sold which is even more likely.

Peter Gerhardt, of the German Association for Informing Relatives of Fallen Wehrmacht Soldiers says: “This is nothing but pure and simple grave robbing.”

Joachim Kozlowski, of the German Military Grave Registration Service says: “They destroy these men’s identity and dignity, all so someone can collect their equipment.”  Agreed with that statement and furthermore these men fought like anything for their country, yes, for the wrong man and system, and gave the best they could their life. These scumbags surely never done a decent day’s work and callously dishonour these dead soldiers.

It had been said that these Nazis memorabilia would be wanted by collector, maybe very few, but in view of such a huge market is there not the real reason of the new Nazis wanting the original memorabilia which would be twice the insult to the dead because they are only and only in for even bigger bullies and power mad the first Nazis so too speak.

Apparently the bulk goes over to the US dealers but it is also a disgrace that there is huge demand and market in the UK. Yet both these nations still contempt ordinary Germans and make them feel guilty even today who had no part in it. This behaviour is contradicting and hypocritical. 

At the Hop Farm at Paddock Wood, Kent a huge fair called War and Peace is held there. It is assumed by expert that trade could reach several million pounds in Britain alone which also gives an idea how many graves are dug up. Now this is convincing evidence that it is not a market for the odd collector but massive groups of people with various intentions but not the best.  The real dirty deed is done by the people who demand to have Nazis memorabilia and they encourage desecrating the graves of fallen soldiers. None of the soldiers deserve to have their bones dug up.

It is illegal to sell Nazi memorabilia in France, German, Austria and Hungary but there is no ban in Britain. Christie, Sotherby and Bonhams stopped trading in Third Reich material. Newspaper discovered hundred of pieces from the battlefields in Demyansk near Novogorod in Russia and Kurland in Latvia on auction websites.

Ebay forbids items which promote hatred, violence, racial, sexual and intolerance but there are Nazis memorabilia listed by dealers on its site.


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