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OVER 2,300 DISABLED PEOPLE DIED till 2012 NOW 4,000 -- Updated: 30 Jan., 2018

Update 30 Jan., 2018 -- May keeps ex-Chancellor George Osborne planned £12bn Welfare cuts and started it on 1 April, 2017 plus £16bn Public Service cuts. Why has she sacked him when she still follows his plans?

By now 4,000 Disabled People died by suicide or starvation. 

She also wants to start the Universal Credit (UC) but the date gets postponed. In some counties it has been introduced and it causes chaos and hardship and suicides. May still insists of spreading it right across. The problem is that there is no payment for 5 weeks.  ????

Updated 2 April, 2017
Ian Duncan Smith did resign, George Osborn got sacked as Chancellor and David Cameron resign but PM May still let their Disability Benefit cuts start on 1 April, 2017. It means Disabled people receive £70 per week instead of £100 pw. There will be more death of starvation and suicides!

Nobody can live on £70 a week - paying bills, buying food and heat the home !!!!!!

Updated 16 Sept., 2016 --
Although David Cameron resigned and even left Parliament there will  be no change under the new Tory Prime Minister Theresa May. It might get even worse and it has!!

UPDATED: 31 August, 2015 --
It was assumed over 1,000 disabled people died since they had been forced back to work and their benefits were  cut. People were left with hardly or no money at all. They committed suicide or starved to death.

Now the true figure, and it is hoped it is true,  is over 2,300 up till 2012 and that in the 21st century and UK the sixth richest country while IDS hands out a £44million bonus.  He ought to be sacked.

To crown it all Ian Duncan Smith, Head of the Department of Welfare and Pensions, sent out leaflets of false statements from non-existing people that they were glad to have their benefits 
cut because it forces them to make a greater effort to find work.

David Cameron excels himself by posing with charities and giving great sounding speeches but the reality tells a different story.  While he is posing and smiling into the camera he is cutting the most vulnerable's benefit. That how sincere he is.

UPDATED: 17 December, 2014 --  Atos lost its contract because they have a backlog of 700,000 applications for assessment. It is not know whether these disabled people are still receiving some money. The government handed out a new contract to Maximus which is an American company but already had been in court for discrimination of disabled people and fraud. How can David Cameron employ a company like that?  Has he got any principles and respect?

UPDATE 19 OCTOBER 2012 --- By now the statics show around a 1,000 died. It might not all of them purely related to be forced back to work but surely a great number of them had an earlier death due to extra strain on their health and worries.

Since this scheme began of forcing disabled people back to work a statement shows that 32 disabled people died. Well done Government especially Prime Minister David Cameron while he is floundering around from one summit to another including vanishing to visit vineyards and all on taxpayers’ money. He can’t even fly first class and hires a private yet again all on taxpayers’ money and when he returns he claims every existing and non-existing expenses.

They were assessed by doctors paid by the private health service Atos French Company) which in turn is paid by the government costing just billions of pounds. The doctors were told they should certify only one in eight not to be able to work again.

Labour’s shadow energy minister Tom Greater asking the question how Atos could get it so wrong. These people died within a few weeks after being force back to work. They ought to be ashamed to make these people go through a tortuous procedure to reverse the assessment.

On revelation of these terrible loss of lives and only because the government wanted to save £10billion from the benefit bill a review by health specialist Prof Malcolm Harrington CBE suggested a change. He requested a testing which makes it fairer and humane. His suggestion was not taken up, of course not. At the end he was even requested to step down as a government adviser. It seems more and more the government getting tough and regardless.

Ministers agreed that a “fresh pair of eyes “ are needed but by the look of things happen in the recent past it will not be agreed on by the top men because it would cut down their scheme saving £10billion

Apparently the LibDem announced a fight to stop this crazy idea.

This is a terrible result showing 32 disabled people dying within a few weeks. We ask again how the Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor George Osborne, at least he was poohed by 80,000 and should have got the message, and the rest of his friends can sit there seeing these people struggling with an heroic effort and cut their Disability Benefit? They live in a life of luxury and have no idea what ordinary life is like especially for disabled people and yet they calmly wilding the axe. What kind of human beings are they?  Yet they fiddled they way in with riding on bikes pretending they are ordinary people, the limousines were following them with briefcase, and now they show their real faces and it will get worse.
They have the shortest working time and yet they tell everyone to work and work harder.

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