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UPDATE:  26 November 2013 -- Records show now that the previous promise to stop aid to India and cut aid in general proved wrong. India received again £280million which is even an increase of £30million. Yet India is building a rocket to Mars which not even Britain or any other European county can afford or attempt to do it.

Ms Greening's promises is another led down of this government.  £280million spend in Britain would eliminate the great poverty. Unbelievable as it is that British people suffer great poverty yet they are giving all these millions of pounds to countries and it does not get passed on to the poor for which it was intended. All the rulers living a live of extreme luxury and Britain gives more  money.

UPDATE:  3 December 2012 -- Justine Greening is the first and only minister who makes sense in this government. She stops aid to India and Rwanda. Hopefully she will stop more. 

For the first time we read about some sense in the government. The new International Development Secretary Justine Greening had quite a confrontation with the Prime Minister David Cameron regarding cuts in Foreign Aid. It is not  a question of not wanting to help the poor of the third world; it is question of never reaching the needy. These monies seem to vanish into their government's pockets.

She pointed out and quite rightly so that this country has great financial problems with families struggling.
Since everything gets cut why has the Foreign aid increase to £11.5billlion? Even that would be more or less acceptable if it reaches the real poor and needy. But since the 50s, since the Foreign aid programme was established it does not show any improvement in any of these countries. Something somewhere is going wrong.



Well some stories coming out that India sends an unmanned rocket mission to Mars. However, they still getting Foreign aid for the poor after all this and sneering at it calling it chicken feed. if they see it as chicken feed it proves their enormous wealth. India is also buying three warships. The UK alone spends £280million and it will be an incredible sum when the other countries are added to it.  Furthermore, when you visit India the poor are still living in the same conditions as in the last decades.  India is a very rich country on minerals and if they would spend is correctly there would be no need for Foreign aid plus the living standard of the poor would be improved greatly.

The same refers to most of the African countries. Most of them swimming in oil and yet the UK sends aid.  Many of the chieftain or kings of these countries have a number of luxuries yets, top quality cars by the number and an unknown numbers of top villas in Paris and south of France and top houses most properly in London and New York.  

It is also known that Africa is a graveyard of school and hospitals. In other words they start building to show that they are improving the live of the poor and when the inspection is over the building stops.

Why on earth aren’t the leaders looking into it more closely where all these millions and billions go? All the countries in Europe have huge debts and are on the verge of bankruptcy and yet they sent millions and billions of aid to these countries and without question. Does that make sense?

Again here is another promise from the election manifesto in 2010 that no further increase of Foreign aid will be planned.  Let’s hope for all our sake that Ms Greening put some sense into the Prime Minister and his Chancellor and stops it all.

The Chancellor planned till 2014-15 that the Department of International Development (in other words Foreign Aid) and Department of Health budget are shielded from cuts. Department of Health budged he can’t mean the NHS because it gets cuts to ribbons. So there is another U-turn. 

Chancellor George Osborn and Prime |Minister David Cameron turn around quicker than revolving door in a strong wind.

Now a whisper goes round in Whitehall and that is another laugh that George Osborne ‘plans’ to end the protection after 2015 ‘if’ the Tories win the next election, If that is a fish hook in front of the public; don’t bite because all the promises were never fulfilled or maybe they do it this time..

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