Thursday, 6 September 2012


There is too much controversy and contradiction surrounding the Human Rights. First of all who is running this country? Is it the court in Strasbourg or the government, Department of Justice and Home Secretary?

Too often it is explained that because of their Human Rights they can’t be deported.  That is a smoke screen and flat excuse as ever there was. The Italian and Spanish deport them all the time regardless of Human rights. They pay the fine of a few thousand pounds and that is it for them. Why can’t Britain do the same?

According to the Government official statement there are 371,000 foreign nationals in Britain living on benefits. It is assumed that about 5,000 illegal immigrants receiving benefit and it adds up to £42million.
The culprit in this mis-management is the UK Border Agency. Again it was privatised and the mess began. According to the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration it was found there are at least 150,000 illegal immigrants living in Britain. An awful lot of people roaming in the street and nobody knows who they are.



Apparently the UKBA has only contact 40 per cent of them so far. An even greater idiocy is that the UKBA lets people walk in and when the cases are coming to court the judges let them stay on account of their Human Rights whether they are terrorists, murders or rapists. As mentioned earlier on, other countries just deport them and when it comes to court in Strasbourg they have to pay the fine. It is definitely cheaper than paying out all these benefits, prison or whatsoever. There is no accuse of not deporting them.

A few fine example. Two Somali criminals succeeded to stay in the UK because of the HR. They had on their list robbery, drug dealings, burglary and threaten to kill.

Another one from Lithuania who had a string of sex offence in his country was allowed to stay and raped a 40 year old woman. They still won’t deport him after he served his prison sentence because he is leaning again on HRs.

Six Islamic terrorists could not be deported to Algeria and Theresa May accused the action because they were in great danger.

Same as with Abu Qatada who fights for seven years deportation and hides behind HRs.  It must have cost millions by now with benefits and legal fees for the courts.

The list could go on and on. There is no criticism on decent foreign immigrants coming to this country and does right. It is pointing criminals which never change, coming to this country have audacity to carry on their vile crimes and demand to be supported by taxpayers’ money, instead of being grateful that they have a better life. Not asking but demanding everything they can get hold of.

Pay the fine like the Italians do and deport them, The Italian couldn’t give a damn so why should Britain? To come to this country and abuse it in every way where is the Human Rights for the people in Britain?

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