Thursday, 6 September 2012


First of all chillaxing is a new word and it was put together by chilling out and relaxing. Just to keep people up to date with the latest.

The public is under the greatest pressure for almost a decade because of the cut back by the government. The real cuts of various benefits has not even had the full impact yet but there seems no end of spending and also wasting money in the government. They should have the greatest austerity because they using and living on taxpayers’ money.

On the trip to Australia for the Commonwealth summit David Cameron vanished again and it was only a two days summit. You would think he would dedicate this very short time to improve the economy. He did the same last year and went on a private tour and tipple to the Sandalford Winery in Swan Valley. The Prime Ministry, apart from other chillaxing, is known for his boozy Sunday.  After all he has to relax after the hard work he does during the week in Parliament.

All together it was a four-day International tour and ended with the Commonwealth summit. David spent £821,000 in four days and most went on a chartered private jet. The Euro crisis was ‘dealt with’ at Brussels and 23 officials flew straight to Australia and were late again as in the year before. The vanishing trip cost the tax payer at least £12,800 pfficially.

Since they went there late already any one would expect that the Prime Minister would use every minute to solve the crises to some extent and met as many other leaders as possible in the short time.

One civil servant who worked there at the time of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair stated that none of them would have ever thought of wandering off to a vineyard. It just shows fully his attitude towards Britain and British people plus the economy. He must be desperate to use the little time he was there to visit a vineyard, have private tour and sample the wines.  If he was so desperate he should have done in his own time and after the summit.

Australia Prime Minister was wondering why Cameron skipped an official dinner and the summit final day. She commented that there is a lot of pressure on people’s time given fully to the issue in the global economy. 

To skip the official dinner and the final day was also an insult to the Commonwealth summit and Australia’s Prime Minister who arranged it all. Such bad manner from a Prime Minister who is the leader of Britain and had high education is unacceptable.

Apparently Mr Cameron did not show a lot of strain at the Sandalford’s private tour and sampled vintage wines of its finest. 

But we don’t want to miss out on the white-wash. Downing Street stated the high cost was because the plane should have gone to Japan, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia instead. Now that is a real reason. Isn't it? This is not an explanation or justification. It shows even more his arrogance to charter a jet which was chartered already to these countries.  

A spokesman stated further that it is important for the Prime Minister to represent the UK at the Commonwealth meeting. Surely he would have impressed them more by flying first class with a scheduled airline. He would have even got there on time and if the Royal family uses first class who the hell does HE thinks he is?  He forgets that he has been voted in by the people and therefore should serves them to his fullest abilities.

This is also not the first time Cameron wondered off. When he was in Chicaco for the Nato summit he done the same thing. He vanished to do some 'shopping'. He seems to be using all these highly important trip just with one thing on his mind to get his private life well feathered. The whole attitude to his duty is unbelievable and unacceptable. He just keeps letting the people down times and times again. 

Yet he keeps getting away with it all the time.


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