Monday, 24 September 2012


and now he plans to cut the Welfare benefit by £12billion. It will put further 40,000 children into poverty. How callous can you get?

Update 18 Nov., 2017 - Cameron and Osborne planned it but PM May introduced on 1 April, 2017 which she didn't have to do it or is Cameron still ruling which I have a suspicion of. 

The impact is showing and it is estimated 4million children now living in poverty. That much for Cameron's sincerity of Save-The-Children-Fund.

UPDATE;  20 June, 2014  -- A hypocritical act. -- By now 18 million live in bad housing  --  12 million too poor to have a social life  ---  1 in 6 adults in paid work is poor  ---  2.5 million kids live in damp homes  --  over 1 million families rely on food banks  --  people with no criminal records are forced to steal milk, bread and basic essentials (not meat) in supermarkets to have some food   ---  Rich getting richer by the day ---  The Prime Minister denies it all.

David Cameron who causes all the hardship together with Chancellor George Osborne stands there smiling and pretends to back-up the Save The Children Fund. How can a person be so hypocritical? 

He sits and watched the Olympics, cutting the PE at school and selling their playing fields at the same time; he watches the Paralympics and should remember that he cut the Disability Benefits for people most needed plus closed Remploy factories where disabled people could work producing goods. Then he pays one million to a French company ATOS to check out disabled people given the order that only one in eight will be allowed to be classed as disabled and entitled to receive Disability Benefits. It cause 32 people's death within weeks after they were made to go back to work. 

By now it risen to over 1,000 death.

Now to see this picture where he holds up the baton to start a campaign for the Save the Children when he has or is going to cut all the benefits for parents is incredible. Already there is a Save 

The Children campaign going on because children in this country are going hungry and having no warm coats. Food parcels are increasingly sent to needy families in the Midlands and North of England and that in a country which is the sixth richest in the world. Furthermore, if the Save the Children fund wouldn't have to spent money to feed and clothe children in this country they would have so much more to spend on starving people in the third world.

He is the Prime Minister who causes all this hardship and then he stands there smiling and bathing himself in his glory that he is starting this campaign off. 

In this country there should  not be poverty to such an extent that parents have to give their portion of food to their children preventing them to starve. 

In this country there should not be children whose parents can’t afford warm coats for them. 

In this country it is a disgrace for the Prime Minister that food parcel have to be given to starving families and food banks opening all over the country So far 280 and rapidly increasing. By now over a 1,000. 

Yet, the people voted for him because they thought he would do better for the country. They believed in him because he always ridicule the Labour Party which had a far harder time to balance the books and manage to have only 1.5million unemployed and no starvation or food banks. Not a word from the Labour party to cut benefits on the contrary they even slightly increased various benefits.

Now with all the redundancies the unemployment went to 2.8million and the children are starving. The Save the Children fund stated that if they would not have a hot meal at school for some family it would be unaffordable to provide one hot meal a day at home. The families or at least the parents missing breakfast to make the money last.  

That was the result of David Cameron’s Britain in 2012.

Now, in 2015, after re-election, somehow doubtful, it will be worse when the impact of the £12billion Welfare cuts will  be felt.

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