Wednesday, 26 September 2012

TWO CRIME FAMILIES COSTS £37 MILLION - Updated 23 August, 2014

UPDATE: 23 August, 2014 -- Why is that £37million taxpayers'money are wasted on criminals? Surely there must be a way of closing them down and with the new law confiscated their properties, other assets and cash to be spend on honest, hard working people who can not cope any more.

This is a crime in itself to spent £37milllion on two warring crime families in Birmingham. The inner-city gangster who includes the notorious Johnson Crew and Burger Bar Boys costs the taxpayers so far £37 million in Birmingham alone. Their three generations are responsible for the costs of prison, health and probation in the last 30 years.

All this does not include social benefits and educations.

It is assumed that a murder costs £1.5million to be investigated and brought to court. An attempted murder cost the taxpayers £500,000 and criminal use of firearms £169,000.

Keith Barton remarked that it would be cheaper to pay every family one million pound to keep out of trouble.

The Johnson Crew and the Burger Bar Boys came to the attention nationwide with the murder of Letisha Shakespeare and Charlene Ellis.  They were killed by a drive by shooting on New Year in 2009. Four men were convicted two years later. The girls were 17 and 18 years old.  The gangs motto, belief it of not, is “Revenge, Revenue, Respect”.

This situation described here is only the cost of one city and it is totally shocking. What must be the total? Surely there must be an answer somewhere to curb or cut crime. Certainly the soft footing of the government is doing now, is nothing but a joke. This soft footing is applied only to safe on prison budget but in the long run it is more expensive as this case shows.

Law-abiding, hardworking people have to foot the bill which isn’t fair. A harsh sentence which would keep them off the street from a start and it might be deterrent to the younger member of the family, would be far cheaper in the long run. Furthermore, there is the no-job situation which turns youngster to crime and getting involved in gangs? Of course, there is always the incurable criminal but this would be a lower number as it is now.

This enormous amount of money could have been spent on creating jobs which also would have saved state benefit. The whole public is aware of this solution and thinks it is the way to go forward but the government. Is the government really that arrogant, reclusive, way above on a pedestal that they can’t think this out or take advice from ordinary people?

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