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MITCHELL'S SAGA ON AND ON - Updated 8 October, 2015

He should be sacked after lying and nearly cost the Police Officer's job and pension. Again he is backed by his friends

UPDATE: 8 October, 2015 -
Andrew Mitchell spoke out in Parliament for the people with mental illness. He suffers of depression because he lost his position.  One question is to be raised. Would he suffer of depression if the police did not pursue the matter and prove the innocence of the Police Offers and won.

That police officer would have lost his job because of his lies, salary and pension. Would Andrew Mitchell  have depression about that police officer?  Andrew Mitchell should have been expelled but was only downgraded, kept his big salary and claim expenses.

UPDATED:  19 May, 2015 -- Mr Mitchell lost case in March,2015 and was ordered to pay £80,000 to PC Toby Rowland. The judge agreed with the police officer that Mr Mitchell used the offensive "Pleb" word.

But Mr Cameron stood by him and he is still re-elected as an MP in his constituency. Earning around £80,000 a year plus all expenses. It also had been reported that he earns £18,000 a day as a financial adviser to big companies.  "Joe Average" would have been sacked there and then and lost his job earning £15,000 to £20,000 a year

The Police Officer, if found guilty even if he was not, would have lost his job and pension. Mr Mitchell is still there because David Cameron backs him up even he was found guilty and lied all this time. David Cameron claims to be on the site of the working class; he is not even on the site of the Police and Justice.

UPDATE: 2 December,2014 -- He refused to resign which finalises the picture of his character.

UPDATE: 28 November, 2014 ---  Mr Mitchell was humiliated and lost his libel case accusing the police officers of lying. PC Toby Rowland wrote his report into his logbook. This was handed onto the newspaper and opened a floodgate. Mr Mitchell called these officer "pleb" with other very bad accusations which he denied afterwards. 

Mr Justine Mitting said: "I am satisfied on the balance of probabilities that Mr Mitchell did speak the words alleged or something so close to them as to amount to the same including the politically toxic word pleb." The judge ordered Mr Mitchell to pay an interim bill for costs of £300,000 but legal source said the total amount could run to £3million.  

UPDATE: 8 April, 2014 -  Two police officers have now been sacked because they leaked the row to the press. The public has a right to know what these glory-boys get up to.  PM Cameron should and could have intervened for the police officers not to lose their job and pension.  He will re-instate Mitchell in the next Cabinet reshuffle.  The police officers must highly trained to have guarded Downing Street. They could have just received a warning but oh no since Mitchell lost his job deservedly they have to lose it undeservedly. Tory's policies right through.

UPDATE:  24 October 2013  --  The three police officers involved and being accused of lying; flatly refused to apologise at a hearing last week. 

UPDATE:  20 October 2013  ---  Mr Cameron stated lately that he wants Mr Mitchell back in his Cabinet and he wants the police officers to apologise.  What a statement. In the meantime Mr Mitchell has four jobs each with about £60,000 per year. The police officers said that they will not.

UPDATE: 29 March 2013 --  It had now been established by a court decision that police officers had been telling the truth. Mr Mitchell had been rude to the police officers and only because they would not open the main gate for him to cycle through.  Mr Mitchell was annoyed having to get off the bike to get through the small gate. It was also proved that he did call them 'pleb'. Maybe Mr Mitchell will step down from his high horse and also Mr Cameron will accept that Mr Mitchell was rude and his manners need to be a lot better when dealing with other people. It showed the full arrogance of these people. It wouldn't a surprise if he knighted a Lord recommended by his friend Mr Cameron in the next List of Honour.

UPDATE:  25 March 2013 --  The latest reports are that about 20 policemen were being questioned for passing information on to the newspapers. It seems that the politician had the power to turn the table and point the fingers at the police. It draws the attention away from Mr Mitchells' arrogance to refuse to step off his bike and go through the small gate plus using language, whatever, towards highly qualified police officer who just done their duty and not open the big gate. It gives the public another picture of the Elite nothing to be proud of.

UPDATE:  6 January 2013 -- The Prime Minister David Cameron already hinted in one of his speeches that Mr Mitchell will soon be re-instated again. He did not say in what capacity?

UPDATE 23 OCTOBER 2012 --  At long last Mr Mitchell had the decency to resign  but it would not be a surprise if he would be back after a few months in some other job. This government certainly seems to be sticking like glue to each other.

UPDATE 13 OCTOBER 2012 --  Mr Mitchell had a meeting with the Police Federation officials who labelled it as a waste of time. They now called his resignation or being sacked. So far David Cameron stood by My Mitchell in spite of the pressure building. It is not unexpected after all the previous experiences where he always supports his friends till the last minute. If Mr Mitchell has any self respect he would have resigned straight away.

UPDATE:  Mr Mitchell supposed to be banned from the Conservative Party Conference BUT HE WAS THERE.  It doesn't show a lot of standard of the government and was an insult to the police.

Andrew Mitchell wouldn’t be a Tory if wouldn’t blame anybody and everybody else and changing his story constantly.

Surely he must be so far that the Police do have walkie talkie and record everything. Once he didn’t say it and the next minute he apologises which is contradictory. Witnesses also stated that he did call the police names because they wouldn’t open the big gate at Downing Street for Sir Almighty to cycle through without getting off his the bike. The Police didn’t open the big gate for security reason which is twice as important nowadays. There is a side gate but Andrew Mitchell would have to suffer to get off the bike and push it through. Now that is hardship.

If that doesn’t show the height of arrogance nothing will. Instead of being grateful to the police making sure everything is as secure as possible and standing there by wind and weather which he wouldn’t do; he abuses them.

Now he blames the press that they blown it out of all proportion.

That again if he would have apologised straight away and not after pressure and demand to step down,  it wouldn’t have been so widespread.

Already at school he was nicknamed “Thrasher” which labelled his character already in those days.
If he has any self-respect and discipline he would resign. People like that should not be in leading job representing the voters. However, there mostly properly is no hope for that because there are too many in Whitehall who shouldn’t be in positions they are in. Unfortunately, the public has not a lot to say about the individual person in certain position after a party won the election. If the public had a say there would a different wind blowing in Whitehall and MPs would think twice what they do and what they say but that how it should be after all they represent the voters.

Especially the Conservative Party is known that there is a lot of buddy business going on whether the person is capable or not. From a start they are coming from millionaires’ home going to top schools which are completely remote from every day life and then they go into politics with not one idea about ordinary life. There they cut at the bottom and fill the top pockets even more. First of all it is not very clever anyone can do this and secondly they become even richer while the ordinary families bleed to death which is exactly the situation now.

Therefore, it is not surprising the Andrew Mitchells are throwing their weight about and treat everybody with no respect at all. All they know that everything is there to take and demand and the ordinary people don’t count. He proves it by still insisting he didn't insult the police in other words he can't take criticism and still demands to be right.

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