Saturday, 29 September 2012


From a start Jack Straw has no right or reason to criticise Gordon Brown. When he was Justice Secretary and the mother of the murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence managed to bring the murder case into the court once more. Jack Straw named the high profile witnesses which the police tried so hard to keep secret. Stephen was killed by four youth who had 'connection' and therefore the verdict was not guilty. Therefore, witnesses were scared to stand up. They were given police protection and they gave true statements. Jack Straw named them openly.

Gordon Brown might not have the personality but he was a great Chancellor and in his last budget he increased a lot of the benefits to help people just after the credit crunch. The UK would be in a much better shape if the Labour Party had won but miraculously the queue at the voting station in the Midland and North were building up and were up to 200 people long by 10 pm. Usually it was almost empty by 9.30 pm. Then they closed it with these entire people still there not being able to vote. These areas were always Labour’s stronghold.

However, take one example from Gordon Brown’s budget which was the winter fuel supplement. Till that was introduced old people were dying by the dozen. The last winter fuel supplement was paid £250 and Gordon Brown promised to increase in the following winter to £300. The Conservative came in and it was reduced straight away to £200 and now they talking about to stop it altogether and they will. 

He also wanted to increase the pay of the police, military, nurses and not one word about breaking the NHS

Therefore, Jack Straw shouldn’t criticise Gordon Brown. He might not have the charm of Tony Blair, but this is another story altogether, but he understood hardship and knew money was there to be able to help.

He had 1.5 million unemployment at the height of the credit crunch and the UK had improved its budget to 1 per cent which vanished within a couple of  months when the Conservatives came in. Ever since there is nothing but recessions.

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