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In my opinion Jimmy Saville must have had some very important evidence of a or more top people to be covered up to such an extent and the full truth has still not come out. Nor does the Government dare to take off his knight hood. So was the evidence being pass on to his family because they objected to it and got it. He was also very closed to Margaret Thatcher and makes you wonder did she not know?

UPDATE:  27 March 2015 -- The truth is coming out more and more. It had already been hinted that Saville and a number of others had been protected from way up on the top.  Was it the top of the Tory Party  which was in government at that time and again does not let the investigation go ahead? This is disgraceful for covering up something so vile.  They are still trying to cover up but the whole truth will be coming  out and hopefully soon. Westminster still closes its door and protect them. Any other paedophile whether celebrity or not is searched, questioned and in court but for politicians.  It is disgusting.

UPDATE:    6 August, 2014 ---  Due to other big headlines like Israel the monstrous scandal of Saville had died but it should not. If we look even more at the sickening scandal there must have been somebody from right on the top who covered him. Even the BBC's top directors could not have held that lid down. So why keep covering it still up? Those victim he destroyed their lives  deserve the full truth and a closure. Beside why is his knighthood still not taken off? Only because his family say so. From a start they should be ashamed to stand up for such creep.

UPDATE: 27 MARCH 2013 -- The real scandal is and lies with the top people who knew about it for decades and did nothing about it.  Most properly will never be prosecuted as always. That is were the real filth and disgust lies. They might not even turn a hair about those  young lives  lost and ruined forever.

UPDATE 15 DECEMBER 2012 -- In the meantime the cases increased to 500 and four celebrities    were also named. Apparently to other celebrities and staff at the BBC it was quite widely known. To keep it quiet till he died is a disgrace.

UPDATE 15 OCTOBER 2012 -- By now there are 340 cases to be investigated. BBC launched an inquiry.  

UPDATE - 3 OCTOBER 2012  In view of the accusations it is now being debated to take off his title 'Sir'. Whether they will decide to do so or not the point is that it had been quite widely known. Although the scandal was kept under cover but it was known at top level therefore he should have never received his knighthood  in the first place. It should be also disclosed who nominated him?

Reading this report it is a shocking revelation. Jimmy Savile supposed to have molested children of about 14 years of age. It was pointed out that it is unfair because he is not around to defend himself. That is one good point but the other point is that there too many telling the same story and too many stating that people in the BBC and Radio knew about it but in those days it was not so easy to prove it and victims were not believed because he was a great celebrity.

Looking back it makes you realise that the world has change a little bit for the better. There seem to be more openness and transparency. A great help was Ester Rantzen when she open the ChildLine where children can ring in confidence.

Jimmy Savile seemed to be been very clever in covering his tracks. He done an awful lot of charity and for that he was celebrated but apparently he also used it when threatened to be exposed. He raised over £40 million for the Stoke Mandeville Hospital alone which was an enormous lot of money especially in those days. At one occasion he told a colleague that he would stop campaigning for the fund for Stoke Mandeville Hospital which is much specialised for spine injuries and paralysed people. Naturally the man backed off because how can you risk that and have it on your conscious.

On another occasion a woman phoned the police five years before Jimmy Savile died and told them that she was abused by him. The police transferred the case to the Crown Prosecution Service but they threw it for not having enough evidence to prosecute the abuser.

The BBC is now accused of knowing about it and these incidences happen at their premises. Quite a number of people who had been around in those days in the Seventies and Eighties admit that is was widely known he targeted young girls. Savile was clever to know that it was the victims' words against his. He mixed with all the types of politicians, including Margaret Thatcher, and celebrities. He spent 13 Christmas with Margaret Thatcher and her family at Chequer the country seat for prime ministers. All this gave him a high profile and a status as national icon which he exploits to its maximum.

No doubt in his profession he was great. He was the first club DJ, originated the ‘Top of the Pops’ which went of up to these days and was a great success from the beginning. Also the programme on the BBC 'Jim'll Fix it' was a great success. He made dreams come true for very ill children or disabled children.

As mentioned at the beginning that the only good thing came out of that victims of rape or child abuse are believed today. In that the world has changed for the better. Especially child abuse the victims had to live with it for decades and hardly anybody would have believed them especially the police took convincing and the victim had to go through another ordeal. Therefore, many children would not report it and lived with it thinking it was their fault which was the attitude in those days.

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