Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Altogether around 3,700 confidential information of patients were sent to a private company. These patients were at risk of coronary heart disease. The Enhance Care Scheme who received the information called these people to offer them a health check.

The NHS in Bournemouth and Poole did not notify the patients and also failed to ask for permission to send it.

The Information Commissioner’s office noticed that this was a preached of the Data Protection Act.
It came to their notice after a complaint was made by one of the patients. She stated that she realised straight away the woman who rang was not from a doctor’s office. That made her suspicious immediately. 

Apparently the woman knew nothing about the specifics but informed her that she was in the risk group and given her more information about coronary heart diseases.

Furthermore, the PCT made a statement that they will write to all the patients concerned and informed them where the data for a contact came from. They will be invited for a personal health check.

They also apologise for not informing the patients first and asked for their permission but also explained why they had to share their contact details.

Although they did apologise and explain why it happens but did not state the reason for these patients to be contacted by a private firm. When you have a heart disease you want the comfort of one doctor dealing with you and not going somewhere else and start all over again explaining your case. Is it another idea of the government for a private firm quietly moving into the NHS?

Let’s be honest these private companies are all there to make a profit and therefore the service bound to be less satisfactory. If it is a big company it is even worse then the shareholder also want their bit of fat. The people who actual do the work get pressurised and trying to cope the best they can. There had been not several cases and enough for to see the evidence that the work is not done as thoroughly as it should. Surely the Government must slowly but surely accept the fact that foist of all it more costly and second there had been too many serious scandals.

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