Thursday, 4 October 2012

NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE -- Update 15 August, 2014

UPDATE 15 AUGUST, 2014 -- All those private companies which David Cameron already introduced made nothing but a mess. They try to work with a minimum staff to reach the highest profit for themselves and the shareholders. It is obvious the staff tries their best but can't cope. It is this breaking up the NHS for gaining shares in these private companies for the fat cats to receive more dividends because otherwise it does not make any other sense. These private companies are definitely show no improvements in service, on the contrary. 

The National Health Service was given to the people as a thank you for their incredible effort they made during World War 2. This government or coalition has no right to touch it. It is the people and for the people of this country.

there is every week a report in the papers that a private health firm is somewhere of the NHS and either can't cope with the amount of work or one sent thousands of medical reports to another private health firm without permission. It is also known that these contracts usually get signed after a contribution is given the Tory Party.

There is no doubt that most of the governments have worked that way to some extent but this Government takes it to the extreme and their coalition partners do not stand up and oppose this scandal. After Margaret Thatcher broken most of the top industries or privatised them like the gas, electricity and railway there is now only the NHS left which Margaret Thatcher tried to do the same but the revolt brought her down and made her resign. Now David Cameron seems to be hell bend to finish her diabolical work.

It is becoming more and more obvious that the Tory Party is not interesting in welfare of this country or its people but themselves. The very fact that there is always a contribution going into the coffers of the Tory Party proved it.

Furthermore, to spent £3million on a management consultancy which decides who to sack or whose wages are to be reduced. This money was spent by the Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust alone which must have been forced by the government to do so. Furthermore, it should have been done by the hospitals directors who get paid high wages and the public ask what are they doing and what are there for? It seems that on top there is directors and management consultants and a great deal of wasted money which could benefit the NHS.

Furthermore, the number of private companies operating there and in other government departments showed quite a number of scandals already. The company employ the minimum of staff and therefore are not able to cope with the jobs. The reason behind this to get the maximum profit for themselves and their share holders. 

I can only repeat what had been written above. The NHS was given to the people and it is the people's and not the government. They have no right to break it up. Are David Cameron and his friends really above the law that they can’t be touch and stopped than this is not a democracy?

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