Saturday, 6 October 2012


It leaves you speechless that the Conservative Party has a conference in Birmingham.  A city which is one of the worst off because by the cut backs which were made by the Conservative Party. Ed Milliband labelled David Cameron well.

The Midlands and the North were always badly treated and people always lived on the edge. The South of the UK was always better off. However, that shouldn’t be because it was the Midlands and the North with had all the heavy industry and were the backbone of Britain’s wealth. 

Today, Birmingham like any other city up there suffers great loss of employment because of David Cameron’s cut backs and on top of it all he cut the social benefits. What does he think people live on? It proves and shows how out of touch these people are.

Several stories are printed in the newspapers from time to time about the hardship they suffer and yet the UK is the seventh richest country. Even the Save The Children Fund had to start, for the first time, a fund raising because they means of helping people with food parcels, clothing and housing is running low. The very fact poverty is becoming so bad that there have to be given food parcel should be a wake-up call for the government. It is simply a disgrace.  Furthermore, the Save The Children Fund stated that some of the houses are so bad you wouldn’t makes pigs live in there.

A lady who has leukaemia has been told that she does not qualify for Disability Allowance Benefit.  In other words she should be working. The greatest irony of all of it is that there aren’t any jobs. David Cameron paid a French company ATOS £40million to assess the Midland and North’s Disabled people whether they could not work instead of receiving Disability Allowances Benefits.

A 52-year old father had been ruled to be fit for work. He retired early because he had a heart attach, double by-pass and has angina. He died from ischaemic heart disease in April. The family belief it was brought on by stress and not getting the benefits. Whether it was or not but the fact is that it was totally wrong to withdraw his benefits being so disabled especially at a poverty stricken area like Birmingham.

One lady who escaped domestic violence stated that she has to do without food for two or three days until she gets her food parcel handed out again by the Trussel Trust at the Church.

These are not just isolated cases but thousands are being hit, in Birmingham, by all the cuts either in Social Benefits or job losses.

A young man stated that he applied to 47 jobs and never received one of them because each time there so many, it is heartbreaking.

Into a situation like that where there is nothing but great poverty struts David Cameron and his friend who are all multi-millionaires and haven't got a clue about every day life leave alone struggles. Before the election he wrote on a his bike with the limousine following carrying his briefcase but that wasn’t shown. He painted a great picture to be down-to-earth and one of the people. Promised and promised and when elected he showed his real face. He never kept one promised and was cutting people’s throats left, right and centre.  He has not only jumped into the limousine but hired private aero planes, all at taxpayers expenses. Even the Royal family cut back in their style and travels by first class plane or rail, surely they are above him.

So what fairy tales will he spin in his speech this week including more promises? How insensitive can David Cameron be to hold a Conservative Conference Party in Birmingham?

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