Wednesday, 31 October 2012


It seems that Mr Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, does best, sorry loves best to go around at Celebration and show himself as the great benefactor.


The truth is that he attended the Paralympics sitting there and watching the struggle of disabled achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Even has the audacity to go up and presents their medals. Unfortunately only the Chancellor George Osborne was booed by 80,000 it should also be David Cameron and even more so because he initiated the Disability Benefits to be cut. After all his high education in top private schools what has that man got in him you expect more principles.

Next we see him in front of 10 Downing Street the residence of Prime Ministers smiling and glowing being surrounded by the Save The Children fundraisers. It is the first time that this organisation had to appeal to the public for funds and to high light it went to the Prime Minister. The Save The Children Fund experienced first hand how the children and families in the Midlands and North of England starving, living in appealing housing condition and have no money for warm clothing.  Yet the man who causes all this hardship and lives on the fat of the land stands there smiling and fluffing his peacock feathers. Britain is the seventh richest country in the world.

                                                PRIDE OF BRITAIN CELEBRATION

Now, he was at the Pride Of Britain celebration which has been a great invention for ordinary people being celebrated for their bravery and outstanding deeds. It is by nomination from the public and chosen by the panel. It is across all ages from children to old age pensioners who done an incredible bravery or good deed.  The Prime Minister David Cameron who done nothing but causing hardship attended the function bathing in the limelight and strutting about like peacock

Is there no feeling in the man for others? After all he had to experience himself the struggle of being handicapped in his son and father. Although the money was there and it did help, no doubt, but still he must have seen how disabled people have to try for every movement. Did that not reach him? If it did, how can he be so callous and cut the Disability Benefit, Child benefit, break the NHS, many other benefits and sits back calmly letting the energy suppliers increase the bills for hard-up people and pensioners? THIS WILL CAUSE MANY MORE DEATH THIS WINTER.

Is this the true face of the Prime Minister and does he really want that for HIS people who had face in him and voted for him?

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