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UPDATE: 25 January, 2015 -- After naming Ken Clarke he is now in court for perverting the cause of justice. The case will be heard by Mr Justice Sweeney at the Old Bailey. Mr Fellows will appear on 20 March, 2015 to a plea hearing and a two week trial will take place in July.   Why was Ken Clarke not arrested and questioned like all those accused celebrities?

Even Scotland Yard found allegedly five paedophile rings in Westminster and investigate three allegedly murders of your boys. The handed in paedophile files to Leon Brittan are missing but surely there must be copy. Nobody would not keep a copy of such an important file. Is there, yet again, another cover up and the owner threatened not to use it?

By now the public is aware of a reluctance of dealing with accusations when it concerns a politician which is totally wrong.  

UPDATE: 29 April, 2014  -  Ben Fellow turned journalist and was working for  TV. He now is fighting for justice to bring paedophiles into courts. He insists that the police covers up politicians and been given orders from above.  He accuses Ken Clarke having abused him about 20 years ago and he wants him to be arrested and charged. To fight the establishment he has gone on hunger strike. According to him he was receiving threatening phone calls in London and lives now in Lanzarote.  When PM David Cameron spent his holidays there Ben Fellow wrote him a letter demanding that Mr Cameron will make sure justice is done. Ben Fellows reckons there are other victims but too scared to come forward.

In the wake of the scandal of Jimmy Savile another actor Ben Fellows came forward and described painfully how he was abused when he was just 13 and a child actor trying to make a name for him selves. He came from a suburb of Birmingham and went against his parents’ wishes to London’s show business. He stayed 
with relatives in London.


Ben Fellows a starry-eyed teenager was taken through VIP lounges and experienced binge-drinking and drug taking all amongst big name celebrities.  The high live hit him like a tone of bricks and he never realised the dangerous undercurrent.  

When the scandal about Savile broke lose he decided he should give facts and figures about the culture of corruption at the very centre of Britain’s entertainment.

Looking back he realised that he was used as a member of a very sinister and secret club in which young actors like him were used and abused like trophies.  The main members in this disgraceful world were all and still are household names.

He added that it is unbelievable being bedded by a current female BBC employee working in children’s entertainment. He was only 15 years old and snorted cocaine with one of Britain’s famous stars and regular on TV.

He was regularly wanted by married actors wanting young boys and almost raped in a low-class hotel room by one of the most well known TV stars of the eighties.

When he saw friends getting dragged into the seedy world of abuse, drugs, drinks and sexual abuse by empty promises he started to wake-up and got off it. However, at the age of 15 he was a regular at Springfellows at CafĂ© de Paris and Atlantic Bar and Grill. At that age you are not responsible for your action and there is always the danger if you say no you will be dropped.  He remembers a list of directors, actors, casting directors, writers, executives and producers who did or attempted to abuse him.

He spoke about a house party given by the BBC executives with a huge crowd of stars and hangers on. He still sees it as the worst abuse of trust and power. In 1990 in Clapham when a 15 year old Ben filming Model Millie for the corporation was plied with alcohol and drugs, seduced and shamelessly taken advantage of.

Ben Fellows is 37 years of age and a responsible adult. He is a successful filmmaker and lives in South London.  He stated that it took him 20 years to come to terms with the world he once lived in but with the help of his beautiful wife and supportive family he now is able to cope with the abusive world of entertainment and show business.  He looks at it as a parallel world of a cesspit and inhabited by predators and paedophiles. 
It must have been terrible having to live with such memories. It has to be admired that he now is able to find the courage to cope with it. It is incredible to read about what went on behind the screen and success but at long last it comes into the open and hopefully this cesspit will be stamped out.

Good luck for the future Ben Fellows to you and your family. Be proud of yourself to have been able to get out of it.  

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