Tuesday, 20 November 2012


That is how Mr Cameron's and Tories' friends live while families are brought down so low they have to rely on food banks. Mr Cameron still puts on a show of concern about the "hard-working people".

A city trader spent this incredible sum of £40k in one night. He treated nine friends to a night out and partying beside a famous film star of Hollywood on the night of Halloween. An eye witness stated the he didn’t hold back the moment he saw this famous star and maybe he tried to show off at the Raffles in Chelsea’s Kings Road.

They city trader started with 10 Zombie cocktails which are made of rum, absinthe and grapefruit at £30 each.

Soon he was dancing the night away at the 230 capacity members only club. When the famous star turned up at 11pm the city trader ordered three giant bottles of vintage Dom Perignon champagne methuselahs amounting to  £24,000. After came seven bottles of vintage Dom Perignon Oenotheque 1996 adding another £3,500; two Belvedere jeroboam vodkas adding £1,640; seven glasses of Don Julio 1942 tequila adding £224; two vintage Dom Perignon Rose 2000 magnums adding £2,200; six bottles of Krug rose adding £2,400; Red Bull for £87.50; Havanna rum at £350 and finally 16 cafĂ© parton with tequila adding £160.00.

The final bill came to £34,861.40 plus £5,229.23

This is a glimpse how the city boys live and the world they live in. To spent £40k in one night without padding the eye lid while the country struggles to survive and not only the ordinary people but also the economy and the government does nothing to curb their bonuses. At the very same time David Cameron and his friends always shouting about AUSTERITY and benefits have to be cut for England’s economy to survive.

To spent this kind of money in one night they must be used to it. This only can be done with all their high salaries and top bonuses. Therefore, the prime minister and the coalition should step in where it should be done. Also the Bank of England was talking about and promised to bring in regulation of the bank and city.
This regulation had been well overdue and when the people started a movement under the name of OCCUPY they soon were removed but the government will no confront the banks and city.  It is no wonder when banks go bankrupt but then the government makes the taxpayer to step in to rescue them. Yet when it shows a profit it is soon distributed in bonuses instead of being made to pay it back to the taxpayers.

There is another broken promise of David Cameron of stopping these huge bonuses. Times and again he promised but when it came to it, it was quietly sidelined. At stage he said it takes time to do this but when Occupy launched a protest in no time he had it through the courts and they were removed. All the government’s action is certainly one-sided and not democratic.

All this mess is since Margaret Thatcher de-regulated the banking and finance system. That lady has a lot to answer for, for the shamble ever since exists and until the government does not regulate the banks and finance market there will be nothing but scandals coming up.

The scandal of the Libor but after it hit the headline we never heard anything about it and apart from one man being sacked but with a more than fat golden handshake which should have never been given. He also will receive big pension while ordinary people’s pension is getting cut.

David Cameron is certainly in this altogether and he must be smirking away at the ordinary people he keeps well down. However in the long run it will backfire in the economy when next year all the cuts will bite and the people have even less to spend. Well it also could be that the public will remember and not being swayed by more promises in the future. Time will tell.

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