Wednesday, 21 November 2012

BBC IN TAX DODGING SCANDAL-- Updated 15 March 2013

UPDATE:  15 March 2013 -- Again as always the scandal was announced for a few days and then pushed aside by new news. We, the public, has not heard anything further whether the tax dodgers had been made to pay up. David Cameron gave many speeches about tax dodgers and promises he will get tough but did he with the BBC's who are on the door step. Surely it would amount to a great amount and reduce the deficit.

According to reports the BBC has 124 celebrities paid as freelancers although they worked there for years and have a show or broadcast continuously.

They using a Personal Service Company which means they are not taxed as individuals. This also includes non-payment of National Insurance by the employer as well as employee. 



Therefore a one million income has to pay a tax of 45 per cent provided they don’t send it to a tax haven which is another story to close. In the regulation BBC promised to introduce they will have to pay 13.8 per cent national insurance or £138,000. Furthermore, the BBC will also have to pay employee national insurance and income tax. Al in all it would reduce the net payment to £430,000 which is still more than enough for one person’s income.

Can David Cameron and the government honestly and truly state they didn’t know about this? Never mind of blaming it on Labour again because by now they are long enough in to change the rules. This other point is that a payment of £138,000 national insurance and this is just from one person would have helped the NHS enormously and therefore no redundancy would not have been necessary. 

Mr Cameron and his Chancellor are too busy to cut ordinary people’s benefits and forever shouting Austerity instead of looking around where they should have the money got from. Mr Cameron also was mentioning, a few months ago, that there is a £90billion stashed away in tax havens. It is a too great amount of money lost to the country. What has he done about it?

Apparently 469 of the BBC stars using the Personal Service Company. Of course, not everyone earns a million dollars but nevertheless it is a lot of money lost to the country every year and especially to the NHS. How can they be so callous seeing the struggle because of the economy?  According to the quotation as above to receive £430,000 instead of one million is more than privileged and they should be more than pleased.

The BBC promised to look into the freelancers they use and review their employment contract. It was also said that the BBC themselves advised the freelancers to use the PSC which doesn’t show them in a better light. However, don’t take this as Gospel because it was already stated that only 131 staff will be OFFERED, not made to take, a staff contract IN THE NEAR FUTURE. Whatever that means is as good a guess as any?

Even if it comes to it a 131 staff out 469 who uses the PSC is not exactly putting wrongs to rights. They also promised not to increase the TV licence fee if or when they give staff contracts but they have already done it. The fee was increased to £145. The TV licence, so we were told, is necessary because the BBC is not running adverts but for years now they do and therefore they should have abolished the fee years ago.

All these false promises which will never be fulfilled are like David Cameron and the government apart from the promises to cut any benefits.  

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