Wednesday, 5 December 2012

BRITAIN STOP FOREIGN AID -- updated 7 April 2014


UPDATE:  7 April 2014 --  Instead of the promised decrease in Foreign Aid  by Justine Greening it has risen from £8.8billion to £11.8billion.  WELL DONE.  While there are 1,000 food banks in Britain which the Tories should be ashamed of and the people are starving.  They are lucky that  there was the mildest winter on record otherwise there would be tens of thousands death because nobody can afford those gas and electricity prices.  The Government did nothing to stop the energy giants to put up their prices every winter by 10 percent.  He and the rest of the Tory Party must heaving big numbers of shares in it.

UPDATE:   14 August 2013 -- In Somalia A £500,000 worth of food storage was destroyed. It was paid for by Foreign Aid.  Everybody knows that Somalia is a lawless country and the full Foreign Aid must go straight to equip their lawless army. Why spent money when families in the UK are in great poverty and will be even worse off with all the energy -, food -, petrol - and  railways - prices increase.

£1billion  to Nigeria which is a oil rich country with a rocket and space programme while UK's disability benefit, child care benefit and pension were cut. 

Again the promise given by Ms Greening to cut Foreign aid was not fulfilled.



UPDATE:  27 February 2013 -- India was making fun of the previous £250,000 Foreign Aid contribution calling it 'chicken feed'. Developed a nuclear rocket and nuclear weapons and now Prime Minister David Cameron promised £1billion for some grandiose plan of building cities between Bombay and Bangalore which most properly will never be build. Furthermore, it is not for housing the poor. Is there any credit to be given to him?

UPDATE: 24 January 2013 -- Hopefully they have the sense to stop Foreign Aid to Libya, Mali and Algiers after those terrible murders. 

It is more than overdue to stop Foreign Aid. Even the UN advising to stop aid to some countries and many other countries are stopping it. So why is Britain so determined to carry on?

India has always been rich but their corruption and greed is keeping the money to go to the needy. Although it is decided by International Development Secretary Justine Greening to stop Foreign Aid to India but not before 2015.  It looks a double sided decision. The aid should be stopped now since India can afford nuclear rockets which even Britain can’t. Then there is the question about year 2015? Since the general election is due in 2015 would it not be possible and it most properly is that the decision will be reversed. This decision looks like more to pacify the public than being effective.  This country is in dire need of money now and the Foreign aid to India would help in many areas.

Then there is Rwanda and at least Ms Greening had the sense to stop it. There are many other countries which use the money either for their own luxurious lifestyle and supply their military to fight civil wars to keep the present government in power. Nothing whatsoever goes to the people who it is aimed for.  There is even Foreign Aid given to oil rich countries.

This Foreign Aid had been given since the early sixty. According to this if it would have been  passed on there should be any poor people any more or very few. It is evidently that the money was never passed on. Yet, there is no government who has the courage to say enough is enough. Even the UN which started it begins to see the light and advice governments not to send aid to certain countries.



  1. REALPOLITIK (NO OFFENCE INTENDED): Foreign aid is about influence peddling more than anything else. When you say that Britain can no longer afford foreign aid what you are really saying is unlike America or China Britain can no longer pay to play, which will eventually mean lost contracts and a loss of access to natural resources that British companies need to manufacture modern goods, eventually, leading to a relative decline in British power and global clout. Relegating your country to what it would have been without her empire a middling Northern European third rate power like Denmark or Sweden.

  2. Foreign aid supposed to improve the life of the poor people as far as I understand. I am against Foreign aid being paid to countries which uses it for their luxurious life style and equipping their military to fight a civil war. Also India having enough money to built a nuclear rocket. India itself stated that Foreign aid should be changed into exchanging goods which is fairer and as you stated as well. But Foreign aid just given and the poor never improve is wrong.