Monday, 24 December 2012


The government is determined to cap one per cent on welfare benefit rises for over the next six years.  In their calculation it would save £11billion for the taxpayers. It was revealed Friday, 21 December 2012.

It will be one of their main issues for the next general election and challenging Labour in their manifesto.

The end affect would be millions of jobless people, part-time and low income workers and families on tax credits would lose a great deal of money.

Now comes the insult to jobless people and low-income who in spite of already under great pressure trying to cope. The Tory chiefs who have no idea what the real life is like because born into wealthy families and of their fat income from Parliament and any other various earnings had the nerve to state that many middle-income voters are fed up with work-shy scroungers ripping off the welfare system. How dare they after they increased the unemployment and their salaries from £65,000 to £72,000?  Now they demand a £20,000 per year for expenses and not to be accounted for. This £20,000 alone would be a top salary for ordinary people.

How dare they point the fingers at jobless people who send application after application for a job. There is no doubt there are scroungers but they are a small minority but there are also in top earners, even more so. What about the tax avoiders who cost the country billions? They always seem to overlook that the Tories created 2.5million unemployment and rising while Labour had 1.5million in the worst crush happened for a long time.

According to their calculation it saves £700 for every working household and the cap was already extended till 2015.

This move already infuriated Labour but also caused further tension with the Coalition. The LibDem already blocked the planned freeze of the benefits.

This one per cent cap was already in Chancellors George Osborne’s budget and will come into effect next April, 2013. To be enforced till the end of 2015-16 financial year.

This proposal will mean nothing but austerity but so far all their cuts the country had a double dip recession and most properly will have another one at the end of December. In September heralded a 0.5 per cent increase because of the Olympics, Paralympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration. They did not even pay the taxes on the Olympics to ease the taxpayers’ burden or the deficit.

In 2013 the Parliament decided to introduce a bill to make the cap by law. Labour is already drawing their sword and opposes such a move. As a defence the Tories pointed out that Labour would increase the debts with their spending plans forgetting or conveniently ignoring that while the Tories or Coalition are in power that debts are steadily rising by £500billion in spite of their enforced austerity.

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