Friday, 4 January 2013


Private security giant GEOAmey guards transporting hundreds of dangerous criminals wherever. These guards are at risk after a laptop containing sensitive personal information had been stolen.  The company warned the 795 staff of the theft. Unfortunately, the laptop contains passport, driving licence, bank account numbers, work history and the names, addresses of their family members.

This must have been an awful shock and will be a scare for a long time.

The company has a contract with the government to escort criminals to and from the courts. The Information Commissioner fined, most properly, the firm up to £500,000. 

One of the guards spelled out the danger. He stated that some criminals could attack him and/or his family because they have all the details. But as always the company plays it down and a spokesman pointed out that their employees had been given advice on how to protect themselves and their family just in case somebody might take revenge for whatever reason.

Well, hopefully they have given the security guards a more reassuring help. This statement above does not sound like it.  It must be awful to have to earn your money with dealing the worst kind of human beings and then finding yourself in a situation as that without any fault of yours.   

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