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ENDLESS GREED OF UK MINISTERS -- Updated: 20 June, 2015

UPDATED: 20 June, 2015 --
The latest news: MPs stand for a further pay rise of 10 per cent. Yet, the Prime Minister David Cameron turned down the 1 per cent pay rise for nurses.

Ian Duncan Smith, head of the Dept of Work and Pensions will cut Welfare by £12billlion.

UPDATE: 8 September, 2014 -- A year on it had been agreed that the MPs should get 9 per cent increase. Yet, it is the MPs who vote for freezing the wages, cutting benefits, budgets of councils and NHS but when it is about their pocket not a vote against their own salary increase. There goes another promise of PM David Cameron to reduce the cost of the Parliament. Has he ever fulfilled one of his promises?

It is barely a month ago when the Ministers of Parliament (MPs) insisted on a £7,500 pay rise to their more than adequate yearly salaries of £65,000 plus their various form of expenses. Expenses for which ordinary people have to pay out of their wages.

Now they demand a £20,000 expense perk.  This means a flat rate, tax-free allowances for food and second home costs.  Furthermore, they want the payment without any receipts or filling out an expense form.  They must be living on another plant to demand a £20,000 expense allowance, tax-free and no receipts to prove it. This sneaky, not so clever idea came about because a number were caught out putting down expenses which had nothing to do with their work and were heavily fined or even imprisoned.  Do they know that £20,000 is a high wage these days for ordinary people, in spite of having to pay quite a large sum of National Insurance and Tax?


The rise of salaries were agreed to compensate for the loss of expenses. Therefore, it shows their full audacity and attitude at a time of austerity supposed on ordinary people and living now in great poverty, to demand now after it was all set and done a £20,000 flat-rate for expenses.

Aren’t we all pleased to read the Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow suggested the change over from the present expense system to a single allowance?  He also forwarded a letter to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority who regulates the MPs’ pay.  Mr Bercow pointed out further that 17 out of 20 do not claim expenses purely to avoid the hassle of filling in forms and provide receipts.  Unbelievable!

Matthews Sinclair, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “It would be completely unacceptable for MPs to enjoy a tax-free allowance with no scrutiny whether the money is spent on legitimate expenses and not transparency over if it amounts to anything more than a top-up for their already substantial pay.”
He points out further that it would undermine Parliament while there is a freeze on public wages.  Many taxpayers would see it as a stitch-up.

Wouldn’t it be a shock for the MPs having to pay for their own ‘sandwiches’ and the Lords who get £300 a day when they are sitting. In spite of it all the taxpayers have to pay for their ‘lunches’ which amounts to a staggering £65,000 per week. We can reveal it is not beans of toast or fish fingers and there after all over 750 Lords.  On all these extra costs not a word of cutting back and about austerity.  There again a Lord who is a multi-millionaire anyway and still receives a £300 a day surely could and should pay for his own lunch. If it would be implemented it would rock the foundation of the House of Parliament more than Guy Fawkes could have ever achieved.

Although the proposed pay rise of £7,500 agreed on but it would only come into effect after the 2015 election.  All three party leaders have rejected it which is most surprisingly.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if they get it granted after all. So far we have never seen a proposal of that kind turned down.

At the moment the Government is ruling beyond any belief.

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