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DWP BONUSES OF £44MILLION PAID TO STAFF -- Updated 31 Dec., 2014

In my opinion the £44million bonuses would have come off the saving from benefits cuts to families and disabled. Many disabled people killed themselves or died of hunger. It will get even worse now. How can that man live with himself?


 Department of Work
 and Pension Secretary
UPDATE:  31 December, 2014 --  Ian Duncan Smith asked to exclude the Department of Work and Pensions from the Autumn Budget 2014 because of his disarray of the Welfare Reform. In other words it would bring the budget down. So he is aware of the mess he made costing the taxpayers £800million.

Department of Work and Pension Secretary (DWP) Ian Duncan Smith paid out a staff bonus of an incredible £44million. This is one of the most appalling stories ever happen under the present Government. The DoW was responsible to cut benefits for already needy people and furthermore the worst to cut benefits for disabled.  This very act cost over 1,000 lives but it would not shake the Work Secretary Ian Duncan Smith or his Prime Minister David Cameron because they are all right, thank you.


One of David Cameron's pet subject and flagship is to ‘reform’ the DWP department and mainly the pay-out of benefits and pension. The whole department apparently is in total chaos and huge benefit tests backlog, botched work capability assessments and IT is in crisis. The computer which should have handled it all hasn't even been built yet. Nothing but a well organised shamble. For all this shoddy work from senior civil servants in Whitehall receive a bonus of up to £17,500 each.  The front line staff is doing more than their best to help and sort out problems for people but they won’t see hardly a penny extra for their hard work.

It was revealed that 62 shared £671,000 on top of top salaries adding to a six figure. The average 99,739 staff shared more than £43.8million which comes down to £515 each.

As if that is not enough a huge sum of in-year rewards was handed out in cash and vouchers adding £5.3million. All in all it is nothing but a crime against humanity.  To shout on top of their voices about austerity and having to cut-back, which they did drastically, we read almost every day about huge bonuses handed out not to ordinary staff but top executives. How do they justify these bonuses being available and for what?  The whole country is up in arms but the Tories could not care less as long they get their pocket filled.  Is there nobody there, powerful enough, to stop them?  I am not calling out a revolution but surely all these scandalous bonuses and high salaries have to be stopped some how.

A DWP spokesperson stated that bonuses are only paid to those whose work is consistently good or outstanding. This statement does not justify the result of mismanagement and chaos in the DWP.

Labour MP Tom Greatrex stated that Ian Duncan Smith is happy to reward incompetence and complacency which tells you all you need to know about his attitude to the most vulnerable in society.

"How can DWP justify to hand Whitehall Fat Cats already receiving high salaries plus a bonus of average of £17,500 at the same time cutting benefits of poor and disabled? What kind of human being are they and especially those who sanction it and hand it out?

"I am surprised and shaking my head about David Cameron, I am not rubbing it in; I would never do that, having had experiences of handicap and disability, bringing cold bloodily a French firm ATOS paying them £1billion to assess Disability benefit plus advising them to pass only one in eight that really is the limit of human decency.

As if that wasn’t bad enough now we have to read about a £44million bonuses being handed out to people who make sure the benefits are cut and making a mess of it in all.

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