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BORDER CONTROL -- Updated 16 March 2014

UPDATE: 16 March 2014 -- The Border Agency was so out of control that even the Home Secretary Theresa May could not find any excuses any more. She dissolved it with lots of golden handshakes and brought it back under her control, renamed Border Force. First of all the move  was a waste of taxpayers' money, again, and secondly it did not improve either. 

A recent report stated that migrant are in camps for over one year awaiting a decision. It cost again a lot of money and it is the taxpayers who foot the bill while Theresa May plays the Home Secretary and earns her fat salary. PM David Cameron closes his eyes to all the shamble she created in her four years.

With 500,000 case sitting on shelves resulting from the diabolical Border Agency, private company,  and new reports about immigrants coming in by the Channel Tunnel from Brussels to London were never fingerprinted for four years it scarce the living daylight out of any decent British citizen.

Furthermore the Border Force guards fining drivers and firms being caught in human trafficking with such low amounts it would not deter any body. It is well known to transport illegal immigrants is a lucrative business.

Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigrations John Vine points the finger at Home Secretary Theresa May and accuses her to cover up the effect of cut back in the service as a result.  Mr Vine reported that border staff is very concerned about the unchecked “Lille loop hole” where dozens board the trains and then enter the UK via Brussels to London.  Since it had been going on for about four years one dares not thinking about the damage that was done.

All this good hard-earned money of taxpayers was spent on shoddy work and control. It is nothing but a crime.  Looking at these results the UK might just as well save all this money and open the borders all together.  At least money is saved for the taxpayers and not completely wasted.

Migration Watch UK’s Alp Mehmet is also of the opinion that Border control, cannot be had on the cheap.
It resulted already in so many court cases where immigrants disregarded the Law of this country. A report revealed that last year £14million court bill was spent on translator for immigrant cases.  Accordingly the legal system was swamped by cases involving immigrants.  Language experts were required for 259 dialects for criminal, civil and family hearings.  A great number could have been avoided if the Border control had done their duties properly.  Although this is not the end of wasted taxpayers’ money it will continue if they are convicted and sent to jail. The cost of keeping a person in jail will add to the benefits of any dependence and at the end be sent home again fully paid.

This is only a rough guess of a picture painted which is created by a negligent Border Control. There were endless reports about the useless Border Agency over the years and nothing was done until it reached 500,000 cases which were not dealt with and it woke up even Theresa May.  Now after the Border Agency was resolved and is now under her responsibility will it be any difference?

Source:  The Sun 

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