Thursday, 1 August 2013


It is an open secret that paedophiles and rapists are incurable and offend times and again after being freed.  Where the answer lies for a proper cure to keep them off their crimes only the medical experts can reply?
The statistics shows 180 rapes last year and convicted offenders committed 700 rapes again after being freed in the last five years. These figures were publicised for the first time and are an unbearable situation.  A shocking figure of 1,200 conviction of rape with 15 per cent of it was repeated conviction something radical has to be done to protect the public. Most the rapists get not a sentence which fits the crime and then half of them only serve half the prison sentence.

Many times newspapers were pointing out these horrendous crimes and some rapists get only a warning or if a prison sentences which is so short and they will be back on the streets again. For some unknown reason these crimes seems to rapidly increasing. It is hard to define if the media is too easy with writing and filming about sex scene or the great numbers of porno on the Internet. Especially porno should be completely off the Internet. All these facts do not help to cut down the urge to rape and in quite a number of cases they kill their victims trying and hoping to protect their identity.

UK Tory MP Piti Patel points out once more the high number of rape and appeal to the judges and courts to give longer sentence.  She stated further that the rapidly increase in these crimes would be wake-up call to get these monsters off the street.

Justice Minister Jeremy Wright emphasises that tough new sentences are now available. A compulsory life sentence was introduced for people who committed a second very serious sexual or violent crime. Well let’s hope the judges use them were necessary. They don’t seem to take this crime seriously and consider the victims who have to live with it for the rest of their lives.


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