Thursday, 26 September 2013


Britain’s top police officers claim that families are now so hard up they are forced to shoplift meat and cheese just to put food on the table to survive.  These people are not criminals and most of them have no previous conviction but they steal mainly food like meat and cheese. The police officers also state that they don’t do it to sell.

The Lancashire Chief Constable Steve Finnigan can also see that the situation will worsen.
Food banks also stating that people have reached crisis point.


It is an absolute disgrace for the government to bring its people down to such a state. It seems like the Victorian age returns but it is the 21st century and Britain is the seventh riches country in the world.  Yet the Chancellor George Osborne still plans to have more cuts in his next budgets.   It is not a question of any money being available because the MPs had a rise of £7,500 multiply by over 500 MPs. The very cost of the food and drinks is around £7million a year which the MPs and Lords could easily effort paying.  The MPs’ salaries are now around £72,000 per year plus free lunch, dinner and drinks plus all expenses being paid by the taxpayers.  That is were the cuts should be made and they wouldn’t even miss it.

The Lords, with almost 800 members, getting £300 a day when they attend the House of Parliament, free lunch and dinner and drinks.

The endless golden handshakes we read about to executive’s jobs and most of them cause nothing but ruin to their government department, chief executive of companies and NHS. A fine example is the chief executives of the two NHS hospitals which had around 1,500 deaths each due to negligence.  How can a Government agree to that? Especially with the NHS being financially hard-up and 5,000 nurses were axed.

The contribution to the EU of at least £20billion which the people demanding a referendum of IN/OUT but Mr Cameron flatly refuse. This money alone would not only bring the deficit down but also put food on the table.  The Foreign Aid which never reaches the poor of the countries but the pocket of the governments in those countries. People again demand to cut it down because of the fraud but Mr Cameron will not do so.  There is a long list of money going in the wrong direction and at the moment is a complete mismanagement.
The Government and Chancellor George Osborne got on their brain is cut back and cut backs. During the three years of the Government and their austerity it did not bring down the deficit on the contrary it increases constantly.  In spite of all Mr Osborne will again make cut backs in the next budget which will be in the following weeks.  He will not CUT BACK the absolute waste of money for a luxurious train HS2 which by now is estimated £60billion and by the time it is finished will be at least £100billion.  Money for such a white elephant is available. It would bring down the debts.

Huge amount of sums are also available for entering another conflict – Syria. Mr Cameron was ready to go with the USA if the MPs had not voted against it even so he still is willing to go ahead and waste another billions of pounds which the country can ill afford it.

Having said all this will the Government not has so much decency and compassion for its own people to ease their burdens and spend all that apparently easily available money on them.  For people being so desperate having to steal food or go to food banks should never have happened again after the Victorian times. Surely Messrs Cameron and Osborne must know what is going on.  Not to speak of that these people are the voters who got them into power and they spit in their faces.  DESPICABLE.

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