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Update 4 Jan., 2018 -- Despite all the scandal May plans to give power to Serco and G4S to be able to arrest people. It also means privatisation of the police. Serco and G4S are known for very bad check-ups on people's background they employ!!! So you will never know what kind of person it is arresting you, throw in jail, which could have a devastating effect on your life, job and family.

Update 17 Sept., 2017 - Unbelievable but the same headline was in the papers again last week. 
UPDATE: 22 May, 2015 --  G4S is in the headlines again because the children held in prison run by G4S received "degrading treatment" and "racial abuse". Ofsted's report gave Rainsbrook, Secure Training Centre, Northamptonshire, the lowest possible rating and being investigated by the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman. 

What did they do all this time. One boy even died. It will be another headline today and a whitewash in the inquiry and G4S will receive another contract tomorrow. 

In my opinion many Cameron's contractors have committed fraud and failures in their contracts but Cameron will not cancel one of them.

UPDATE:  24 June, 2014  --  A new report stated that ATOS has a backlog of around 500,000  investigations. Another fine mess we have here and for that the PM  David Cameron paid £1billion  Money which is desperately needed in many places.  Well done David Cameron.

UPDATE: 12 June, 2014 --- It was reported that 700,000 people lost their disability benefit due to ATOS and have now to fight for it to get it back. In the meantime, what does ATOS and Government think they live on? Furthermore, it cost money to fight a case which should be rightly yours. Before there was Legal Aid but now even that is cut. This is a crime what these fatcats cold-bloodily doing. They got no morals, principles or responsibilities towards the people who elected them.


UPDATE:  30 December, 2013 -- A new report revealed that a young man who was blind had his Disability Benefit withdrawn by ATOS and told to get a job. That was the last straw for him and hanged himself. Well done ATOS and the Government which paid £1billion to employ this French company to assess them to cut the Disability Benefit. You should be proud of yourselves to be the cause of over 1,000 deaths. How many more have to die before you close this despicable agency down.  Then there will be another millions of pound for Golden Handshakes paid out. A great way of saving money. The Universal Credit Reform is the Government's greatest mess there ever was and it cost millions of pounds but most of all lives.

There were numerous reports about these companies failing in their work according to their contracts but nothing has been done about it. Several of my blogs have tried to high light their irresponsibility as reported in newspapers. SERCO adding data to medical records in the NHS to meet the required number of appointments demanded by the government which is nothing but fraud.

As previously, at the beginning, ATOS was accused of causing around 1,000 deaths. Admittedly some might have died anyway but the majority of the 1,000 deaths cannot be explained as they might have died anyway. These people have died of worries which deteriorated their health even further or maybe some even committed suicide. The government would deny the fact that they would be responsible for their death but they can't deny that most of them did die because of the wrong assessment by ATOS and their benefit was cut. What does the Government think they will be living on?

ATOS is a French company contracted by the Government for about £1billion. There are responsible to check out disabled people whether they are really entitled to their Disability Benefit. So far so good but now comes in the most unfair and devastating act in their decision. The Government and that includes the leader of the Coalition David Cameron demanded to pass only one in eight claimants of disability benefit. This is an impossible task. These people have been on Disability Benefits because the majority cannot work which gave them the entitlement.  At the same time the Government made the most controversial decision to close factories Remploy where disabled people could find some jobs. Does it make any sense?

Only very recently a scandal was reported in the newspapers that ATOS told long-term or fatal illness sufferers like Parkinson, MS, CF and others they will be better in three months time and therefore able to work.  To be sure they were never so insulted in their lives.  These statements are absolute lunacy since the whole medical world trying to find the causes of these illnesses and cures, so far to no avail. So how can ATOS have the nerve to throw this rubbish in their faces?  Aren’t they already suffering enough? Especially David Cameron should know better from personal experiences and interfere to stop these absolute insulting, hurtful statements.

Furthermore, has to be mentioned, that Britain has up to five million unemployment although the Government plays it down all the time but National Office of Statistic announced a 4.9million. It means, let us spell it out for the Government to understand, that healthy people can’t get a job and to spent £1billion on ATOS to force disabled and long term ill people back to work is not only irresponsible but sheer lunacy.

At the beginning of this blog we spoke of around 1,000 deaths when ATOS first started its devastating work. Now, there is a video on YouTube which tells of more than 10,000.  Whether the high number of deaths is disputable or not but it pound to have increased greatly over the years ATOS done its dirty work, advised by the Government.  How does David Cameron and his Government feel about having cause deaths, no matter what the number is, by cutting off Disability Benefits to very ill people? 

If they deny they were the cause and people would have died because of their disability then how about people committing suicide, and this time there is not doubt about it, because they are in debt on account of the Bedroom Tax and facing eviction.  It is not as many as the deaths of disabled people but nevertheless every suicide was caused by the Government and Prime Minister David Cameron. Or does that not count either?

The Spare Bedroom Tax is nothing but a trap. The Government knew the people have no chance of moving into a smaller property because there aren’t any. Therefore is either pay or sink.

David Cameron voted down the suggestion made by LibDem leader Nick Clegg, his coalition partner, which was a Mansion Tax.  It would have hit the rich who wouldn’t have even missed the thousands of pounds and also locked them in into paying tax instead of transferring their profits into tax havens. 

These facts give us all the picture of this Government and their attitude towards their friends and ordinary people.

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