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Updated 18 August, 2017 --   Four years later and it is still not working but cost a fortune more then it was promised to save. PM May added a further £12bn Welfare cuts on 1 April, 2017. The impact on already starving, homeless people will be devastating and has not come fully into effect. There will be mass deaths and suicides. 

The great reform heralded for months by the Coalition in which the claimants will be receiving all the claims in just one payment was the Government great flagship and put into force on 1 April 2013. It was to be a great saving for the Department of Works and Pension, head Ian Duncan Smith. He also announced, at the same time, that the new system would show people that it is better to work than claim benefit. This fact emphasises that the claim will be cut so low people could not live on it. Mr Smith and the Government do not seem to realise or accept the fact that with almost FIVE million unemployed there is no work available. Officially 2.5 million unemployed.


As of today after almost six months the Universal Credit is in chaos.  An IT system which should have been in use to work out exactly what each claimant suppose to receive is unusable according to the National Audit Office and instead of saving the whole exercise cost the taxpayers million. They still insist that it will be fully functional by 2017 and will save £38million by 2014. These facts were all worked out and all without IT.  Marvellous.

In the first six months so far £1.3 million had been spent on 112 extra staff. It should have been explained by Mr Smith why these extra staff had to be employed since the previous staffs were able to cope.
£34millions was swallowed up in bungles and wasted money on the unusable IT system.

To crown it all Ian Duncan Smith paid his staff and most probably himself the most a bonus for this shabby work of no less than £44million. Does the Government ever step in to stop spending taxpayers‘ money?  Obviously not.

While all this wastages of taxpayers’ money goes on the Chancellor George Osborne is announcing of another Budget, which will be at the end of September 2013, with significant cuts. Cuts which will not be in that direction but for the general public.

The Department of Works and Pension spent £44million on staff bonuses but it in total chaos.  £1.3million on extra staff because they can’t get the IT system going to handle the Universal Credit reform probable organised.

Another flagship of David Cameron is ATOS who got a £1billion contract and tells people with incurable illnesses they should be able well enough to work in three months time. Even the medical world can’t find a cure for Parkinson, MS and CF which are all deteriorating illnesses but ATOS can forecast an improvement within three months good enough for them to be able to work again. How must these people feel, suffering and knowing the final outcome of their illnesses being told such rubbish and their Disability benefit cut?

The newly established NHS Healthcare 111 which suppose to take calls from the public and decide whether they are a hospital case or could be advised to take some medicine; can’t handle most of the calls because most of them are not medical trained and the system is braking down. This is again a waste of taxpayers’ money for setting it up and trying to keep it going.

The Border Agency, Serco, G4S and so many more the list could go on are nothing but a waste of money and the Coalition does nothing about it. All these scandals had been known for far too long and newspapers pointed them out a number of times.

The MPs themselves had a pay rise of £7,500 per year at the time of the great AUSTERITY and were not satisfied about that but demand now to receive a £20,000 for their expenses but without having to justify them.  In Saturday’s newspaper in the Daily Mirror a big list was printed showing all the employed wives, husband, daughters and step-daughter with £15,000 for part time and up to £35,000 for full time with recently salary increases.  A shame the public can’t check out how much work they really do. Talking about spitting the hard-up public not into their eyes but into their faces.

Chancellor George Osborne and the Coalition seemed to apply AUSTERITY only to one side of the British people. It would be high time he also put on the brakes on his friends and all these newly established companies plus handing out contracts which waste nothing but taxpayers' money.  It would do miracles to his deficit. Furthermore, when is David Cameron bringing the Tax avoiders to justice as he keep promising times and again? His own father-in-law, a very rich man with a big estate in the Highland of Scotland has an off-shore account which proves how sincere David Cameron’s promises are.  

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