Wednesday, 11 September 2013


This is without a doubt one of the last dirty trick from the Government handing out Zero Hours Contracts to downgrade workers.  The humiliation these hard-up workers must feel is unimaginable.

By now there are one million workers on Zero Hours Contracts. They get forced into it to reduce the unemployment figure.

Workers who are on the Zero Hours Contracts said that quite a number of times they get calls and when they get there, there is no work. There must be a method of this madness. Is it just for the books and there is some claim for the fatcats?

Would the Government hand out these contracts to its MPs or contractors? Certainly not.  To spit more into the workers’ faces the MPsi received at a time of Austerity a pay rise of £7,500 and demand a package of £20,000 for expenses without having to prove them.

The Zero Hours Contracts stands for the employers only call the workers when needed and they get paid the hours they worked. It also does not include any right of employment; in other words the employee can be hired or fired at will. It also affects their pension and NHS. This is a most negative move from the Government since the bills, food and clothing have still to be paid if they were working or not; especially the hugely increased energy suppliers’ bills. In the three years since the Coalition is in power David Cameron not once stepped on the energy suppliers’ toes and forced them to reduce the bills, nor on petrol which is not a luxury any more but a necessity.


The suspicion arises that there is more to this Zero Hours Contracts then meets the eye. Is it not also a method to bring the number of unemployment down? A method is hypocritically and slyly to boost their records. It is also amazing the sudden so-called improvement in the economy of which experts continuous to dispute and the sudden drop of unemployment.  The effort of reducing unemployment by any means could have been sparked off by the statement of the head of the Bank of England, Mark Carney. He stated that he would not increase the interest charges provided the unemployment would drop below 7 per cent.  It must have shaken the Chancellor George Osborne and provoked him to reduce the unemployment by any means there is available. No sooner that statement was given the Zero Hours Contracts appeared. Increase in interest rates would increase the interest rates on savings.

Since the Labour Party and TUC are united again after the rather disastrous accusation of fixing a vote on the Falkirk constituency Ed Miliband must have learned his lesson and will go full steam ahead. One of the issues which are on the top of the agenda is the Zero Hours Contracts. He will object to this shameful misuse of the working force by the big companies and corporation for more profit.  This time it is not the little shop in the back street who tries to get their work done on a low rate but these contracts open the back door for the majority of workers to be exploited by the big and very big organisation.

It must have been hard work for David Cameron and George Osborne to figure this idea out how to grind workers even deeper into the ground and humiliate them more.  However, Ed Miliband and the Union which is always hated by the Government will put a stop to any exploitation. The very drummed-up Austerity which is so obviously only on one side could provide a breeding ground for the next General Election in which the Labour Party objects on various points put onto their hard-working Britons who need a Labour Government.

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