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Instead of paying his disabled people the rightful benefit; Cameron pays ATOS and MAXIMUS millions of pounds.
Plus Ian Duncan Smith pays £44million bonuses out.

What kind of politics are these?  2,400 disabled people died or committed suicide.

Over three million people are expelled from receiving benefits. Surprise, surprise their unemployment figures are down.

UPDATED:  23 June, 2015 --
MAXIMUS took over from Atos but nothing has changed.  Already the first reports coming out that a man who has MS and can not speak, walk and feed himself had been asked twice to attend an interview at his local job centre otherwise his benefits get cut. The rule is, if you do not attend the interview your disability benefit gets stopped.

The Government must have paid another big sum to Maximus and wasted taxpayers money. 

Ian Duncan Smith says it all and shows his disgusting character.  
Yet he sits in the Government and receiving high salaries and bonuses.
At the moment it is the worst Government 
there ever was.
It is a disgrace to Britain and its British people

UPDATE:  26 November, 2014 --                                                                                                   ATOS finally lost its contract but is replaced by Maximus; an  American Company which had already been in court in America for fraud and bad management of disabled people's account.

To hire a company like that with such n reputation to replace ATOS to deal with ill and disabled people is another disgrace and disrespect to disabled people for tor Government. 

People with devastating life-long illnesses were told by ATOS if they want to get better to go out and get a job. This shocking result emerged from a research by leading charities.

This Government is really going beyond any reason with almost FIVE million unemployed, most of them healthy but can’t get a job. No, Mr Cameron they are not scroungers just in case you trying to pull yourself out of it with that flat story. Also no disputing the figure of 4.9 million unemployed because it came from the Office of National Statistics.

Instead of paying ATOS  £1billion which does the Work Capability Assessment and they telling people to go to work despite of a lifelong or life-threatening illnesses is another of the Government failure. Anyone in their right mind would suggest investing £1billion into the economy to provide jobs. The general public is absolutely stunned by what goes on in Parliament.

Research held by Parkinson’s UK, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, the MS Society and the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society resulted in 45 per cent were told they would be able to recover to the stage where they are able to work again. How dare they suggest this?  It is absolutely ludicrous when doctors haven’t got a cure and scientists are still looking for it.

A fine example Jim, 58 from the North Pennines said: “It was six years after they diagnosed with Parkinson that I was finally forced to give up work. Please mark the wording “finally forced to give up work”.

“After the first ESA assessment they said I should be able to work within three months I was flabbergasted.

“Last year I applied for ESA again as my Parkinson had got worse.

“I was told I should be able to return to work in 18 months. I asked to be reassessed but the DWP refused. “This is so stupid and insulting. Anyone knows that these diseases are progressing and not getting better. 

Of course, all this lunacy suit the Government but it must be so hurtful to long-term and life-threatening ill people. Is there no humanity any more in this Government?

No, the DWP rather spends £1.3 money on extra staff because they didn’t manage to get computer system going for Cameron’s flagship to reform the system began on 1 April and still not working.

An incredible and irresponsible £44million bonuses for DWB staff.  Staff which is so incompetent; when  their whole system is in a mess.  It is an insult Jim and all disabled people. 

It is a crime to cut Disability Benefit and spent the money on extra staff because they can’t get the computer system started and especially £44million bonuses paid to staff. How dare this Government treat the people like that?

Caroline Hacker, of Parkinson UK, said: “This is the latest in a line of unspeakable failures by ATOS Healthcare and the Government to support those who need it most.  To tell people who have to give up work because of debilitating progressive condition that they’ll recover are farcical and defies belief.” She adds further: “There is strong evidents working can be beneficial for many people who have health condition.” 

We don’t dispute that but only in some cases and only to some extent. The main problem is for those few who can and like to carry on that there nearly five million healthy people unemployed so how can people with Parkinson, Cystic Fibrosis, MS and Rheumatoid Arthritis get a job?

Who are these people in ATOS and Government to tell they are getting better when the whole Medical World is fighting and struggling to find a cure? They all talk rubbish so that they can put ‘refused’ on the paper and that ATOS will be kept in the good books of the Government.

ATOS is another of David Cameron’s flagship and costs a fortune which could have been spent on Disability Allowances. It is known that they were told by the Government they should refuse seven out of eight.

Already there were over a thousand death recorded from worries which escalated their bad state of health. 

ATOS is not worried about that because they done their job and get a fat salary. What is happening now, it backfires on the Government? People take legal aid and go to court.  When they get their Disability Benefits reinstated they have back pay. 

So when David Cameron struts about like a peacock and feels he cut down the welfare at the end it will cost him more because of all the extra cost. 

This disgraceful Government not only cut the Disability Benefit, paid ATOS a French firm a £1billion to force people back to work but they also closed REMPLOY factories where disabled people could find a job.

It leaves anyone gasping and asks what are they doing?

Source  Daily Mirror

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